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Drop in quality of Fox riding gear in recent years?

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    I've got an old cotton RS jersey somewhere circa 1996. I thought I was the poo wearing that around.

    And a Go The Rat Honda racing team factory jersey, I don't know what year that is, 198#. It was a hand-me-down from a family friend, I keep meaning to give it back at a prominent birthday. That old fart will be 50 soon, I should get motivated and get it framed.

    In about 2010 I bought Fox 360 pants and jersey. I couldn't get the pants over my asterisk knee braces, so gave the gear away to said guy who gave me Go the Rat. Ended up giving him the 2nd gen Asterisk knee braces after a few rides too......they didn't match my unique shape!

    So then I rode Moose gear for about 10 years, and it was good.

    Recently I had trouble sourcing Moose gear so I bought TLD gear and it is without doubt better, I'm very happy with it.
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      Originally posted by Pete40 View Post
      Gee, he doesn't miss them, does he?
      It's very rare for that guy to criticise anything because he makes a living by affiliate marketing... using his vids to direct viewers to buy all sorts of stuff. Something has to be really bad before he'll say anything negative lol.


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        Maybe Fox never gave him a dime anyway?


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          Originally posted by Pete40 View Post
          I've still got this one I bought about 20-something years ago. I still wear it on my MTB in winter. Full cotton. Comfy as.
          Ha I have x2 of these, repaired so many times in the forearms from trees and sticks. Still have them and fall back on them when required. Faded and whatnot. I have Fox 360 pants from 12 years ago, expensive but I still wear them (alternate them and Thor). They are worn to death...

          Might look into TLD for gear, thanks for the recommendations. My TLD helmet has been excellent I must say.


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            Toby rocks the TLD gear. Looks good.


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              Fox 360 vented pants I got 4-5 years ago are going great, Gloves are shit, but then every other brand moto glove is the same in my experience.
              Extra long fox socks are fine as well, never tried fox boots, SG10's all the way here
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                Oh man, I forgot how bad Fox socks are/were!
                I was lucky to get one ride out of them before they ended up with holes in them. They were SO bad that I assumed that I was doing something wrong - didn’t seem possible that they could be THAT bad when they were charging nearly $50 for a pair of socks.

                Apparently I am a slow learner, because it took three tries before I worked out, that yes, they really are that bad.

                This was ~12 years ago. Maybe the newer ones are better? Still happy with my $10 Aldi socks that are three or four years old now.
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                  Fox boots... google fox instinct and the number of complaints about them is indicative. Last three pairs of boots I’ve had were Fox, my last being the mx Comp 5 which were nice but the soles wear too fast and the plastic buckle slots turn brittle. I l looked at the new Fox Comp boots...what a joke they are, the toe area is so soft that a decent stick jab would split that material open. Plastic hooks for the rubbery straps. Lace inners straight from 1982. What a joke. I’ve ordered some Alpinestars and hope the Romanians or Thai peeps make a better boot...
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                    I think Fox has a huge problem on its hands. I checked the feedback on their Facebook page and it was only 3.5 out 5 stars six months ago... very low compared to other brands which are around 4.8 or 4.9.

                    It's now sunk to 3.1 out of five stars (you can read the full comments here).
                    Below are just the most recent comments, I went through until I finally reached a positive comment.

                    "$500 instinct boots are falling apart within one year."

                    "Motorbike helmet fading... Don’t buy their cheap china junk!"

                    "Received gloves with a hole in them.... No answers, no replies, Nothing. Its like of its a ghost company."

                    I bought a V2 helmet which had rusted buckles with less than 10 hours of use"

                    "I slipped kicking over my bike and the starter went went through the side of the boot"

                    "140 helmet, 4 months broken already, sent numerous emails, no response back"

                    "Very disappointed with their lack of response and customer service."

                    "Customer service don’t even exist."

                    "Wish they’d respond to emails... a $100 sweater that fell apart after two washes."

                    "I‘m very disappointed... never received the parts.... still waiting for refund"

                    "The worst brand in the world".


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                      Most of these [all] companies are simply copying the bike sale model , new bike every year , so its pretty much given that new gear every year also , hence the life is 1 year also .


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