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Ballards stainless two-stroke pipe / expansion chamber review

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    Tools that are carried in your backpack should/need to-be lightweight:
    If made correctly; they'll be right on the limit of weight verses strength.
    Why carry an axe when a tomahawk will do; at-home, feel-free to axe.

    Personally; I don't carry puncture-tools: I've often rode ~20k back-flat:
    Patently; my tube is history, yet my rim, tyre & rimloc do-roundly cope.
    Your terrain/riding/group might vary from mine. Brindies is quite rocky.

    My suss is (I maybe wrong) cruising at 1/3 speed = same time to base:
    ie. why risk 1/2 hour on a puncture when we're back at the cars in less.
    I'll fix the thing-there; savour a beer; then we-three hit-it; all-over-again.
    The More I Learn... The Less I Know.
    That Which Doesn't Change... Stays The Same.
    Those That Don't Fall... Just Aren't Trying Hard Enough.
    Genius or Idiot... Sadly it's Defined by the Mediocre Masses... With their Hindsight.
    Dicklaimer... The Text above is to be Evaluated by a Responsible Person... Prior to Any Action Being Taken.

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