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KTM close to breaking the $20,000 dirt bike barrier

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    Originally posted by ggg View Post
    the advertised ride away price is never the buy price i have been quoted some factory shercos priced, the price they say plus on roads is the on road price within $100
    2020 husky 350 on road $14200
    only when stock becomes and issue will prices be take it or leave it mate, 2021 is gonna be a big hole for new bike sales after this years record breaker

    The real problem is KTM upping the rates the rest will and have followed, look at yamaha the wr's are much more expensive this year, gas gas is screwed its KTM now, beta upped the rates last year, shercos are up there with huskies but at least you can see the extra value in there factory models not like KTM 6days it's all about bling nothing to do with performance whats so ever.
    2020 was a pretty much new bike for Beta, to be fair. 2021 Beta prices are the same for a largely unchanged bike - BNG’s aside.
    But the base RR300 is a totally different buyer than an Erzberg Kato..
    2020 Beta RR300


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      Originally posted by mr bergman View Post

      Toward the end of the year apparently. They are already available in Europe for the equivalent of AUD$12000. With a bit of luck they would be around the old Gas Gas price or even lower... it would be good to have a decent bike at a budget price to keep the other brands honest. It's looking pretty good.
      As far as I can tell it looks exactly the same, but with different stickers. I hear whispers of tiny, insignificant changes, but its the 2019 EC300 that won all the awards..

      Suppose we'll learn a bit more if they arrive, including what the transport/ADR/distribution costs really add to the pricing.

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      '05 EC300
      'Oh God knows EC250
      And about a hundred road bikes, mostly Yamahas for some reason.


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