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Pre ride beers and 12/54 gearing

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  • Pre ride beers and 12/54 gearing

    The missus was kind enough to take the kids yesterday arvo so I went for a little 40km blat on the 200 after getting it all back together, although this time with 12/54 gearing. I had finished my 3rd beer by the time I'd suited up and while initially planning on scaling mountains with my low geared beast I just ended up taking the same trails as what I usually take and having a blast. I think the low gearing complements the little motor as it brings the gears closer together and I was more likely to be in the meat of the power and with a pretty sloppy approach to a hill that usually takes me a couple of goes I was able to get enough drive with a bit of foot paddling to get to the top. As I moved on to a place I call the "Sanctuary" with lots of grippy green grass and big fallen logs we (the bike & me) gracefully climbed and cleared the big round ones like a royal pegasi from the new My Little Pony movie. Other than that it was just business as usual that comfortably tops out at 72kph which is fine on the trails but pretty ridiculous on the transport sections. I think I'll be likely to stick with the low gearing until the little 12t cog wears out but all up it was a positive experience. Have a Happy Easter weekend all
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    Wont hurt to have 3 different countershaft sprockets in the toolbox for the given occasion , [can run 2 master links on a chain to add a link or 2, iv never had one unclip or fail] .


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