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Does anyone use the DBW chat room?

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  • Does anyone use the DBW chat room?

    Anytime I have 20 beers and feel like chatting there's no one there.
    It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
    you have to know what you're doing with these machines and wear gloves
    Current rides: 125 trially, 200EXC, 2x 250EXCs, XR70, DRZ70, Banshee

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    I'm in there now... Not quite 20 beers... Working on it.
    Edit: I'll likely log-out of there 1.30... I'm quite hungry.

    I'm there indulging atm.
    hairyness in your teeth.

    Been there.. Done that.. Just now, yet-once & again.
    I see this thread as a prompt: So post/prompt me/us.

    I'm there 'til 11.30pm... I do-dare yoose too.

    15 mins to go... then this post will be consolidated into my post above... along with that one... into my post further above.
    ================================================== =========================================

    I'm there atm yoose bums... Merry Christmas btw.
    I'll opt out circa midnight 'cause that's Xmas gone.

    !'m there until 1.30
    Suck on me & see?

    I'm now-sadly outa there:
    This edited into my above.
    The More I Learn... The Less I Know.
    That Which Doesn't Change... Stays The Same.
    Those That Don't Fall... Just Aren't Trying Hard Enough.
    Genius or Idiot... Sadly it's Defined by the Mediocre Masses... With their Hindsight.
    Dicklaimer... The Text above is to be Evaluated by a Responsible Person... Prior to Any Action Being Taken.

    *George Carlin*What We Do*No Bravery*Tell the Truth*911*Genetic Armageddon*Carbon Tax*Interplanetary Climate Change*Fracking*Shock Doctrine*Extinction Protocol*


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      Originally posted by RMJay84 View Post
      Anytime I have 20 beers and feel like chatting there's no one there.
      Tried it no one there......
      Ultimate power breeds ultimate corruption ^roost


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