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Road bikes anyone??

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  • Road bikes anyone??

    Hey guys,
    Im going to be getting a road bike soon (yes of course im keeping my dirtbike!). Anyway i know i few of us DBWers have road bikes, but i was just wondering how many do. If you've got one let us all know, why not include i pic (assuming you have one that is). Im looking at getting a cbr or fzr250, but i wish i was looking at getting an r1 like this (I think batman may have stolen my idea tho!)

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    That be an R6.

    Why a 250cc ?? License restrictions ??

    Have you looked at the Aprillia's. The 125's are alot of fun. I don't own anything ATM but have riden a few different models including an 05 CBR600RR, 2000 GSXR750, late 90's GSXR1100 and a 916 duke.
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      and Yamaha stuffed the paint job on that R6, think they painted it looking in the mirror

      I had a ZX9R, you can look at my website to see it if you want
      this is my mates R1, only had 136kms on it when I rode it, cant wait till he brings it back run in.
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        1997 Kawasaki ZX7R - Road/Track
        (Full Muzzy System/+4 Ignition Adv/BMC Filter/Vortex Race Clipons)

        97 zx7r
        98 rmx250


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          Yep, I have an '02 954 FireBlade (for sale) and a '99 R6 that I race.
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            CBR 600 RR - Honda all the way ^roost

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              My first road bike was an FZR250, I would suggest that the CBR, FZR and ZXR are all similar in performance, but the CBR would be the pick of the bunch. They were Australian delivered for a time whilst the rest are grey import only. They all redline at around 18,000. The CBR has slightly sweeter handling and the power is smoother throughout the rev range.
              The FZR doesn't have as much bottom end as the CBR and the throttle response is a little slower at midrange. Max power is at about 16,000 which is a pain, because in 6th that is right at the 180 kph speed limiter, the bike still feels like it has a bit to go and then stops getting faster. The main straight at Eastern Creek feels very long when bigger bikes are ripping past you at well over 200 k's.
              Last roadbike was a big yellow Honda VTR - gotta love that V-Twin mumbo But it is gone now and won't be on a roadbike for a while ^frt
              And can't post pics until club mud membership opens
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                hey if your stuck to a 250 limit get an rgv or an nsr 250 the best 250's ever the aprilia rs 250 is just an rgv made to look like a *** stupid italians

                rgv's are cheap as hell and really easy to source parts for because so many learners had them and didn't realise what band was for until they were too scared to ride them again


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                  Had a 2002 R1, sexy as hell and fun fun fun!! However believe all the stories you hear about dickhead drivers not seeing you-I got taken out in the clasic 'guy pulls out from side street and doesnt see you even though there is absolutely no trees, sign or obsticals in the way and the fact that your headlight is so freaking bright that your retinas are burnt doesnt help?. They are dangerous as hell and your chances of being killed are very high.

                  That being said I would have another one in a second (waiting for the family/wife to forget last accident and save some coin). I supoose its like all bikes in general, you just love em and thats all there is to it.


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                    Love those MG Agustas. Just lurv them.

                    But for me, it's a ZZR1100, just completed mech makeover, now ready for respray in harlequin paint.

                    This baby will turn heads!
                    "Sometimes it is easier to seek forgiveness than to ask permission."


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                      I have 2000 'blade for the street and a 99 R6 for the track.
                      I'm looking for a dirt bike which is why I have been hanging out
                      here for a while.

                      I started off with a CBR 250RR, great little bike when we were limited
                      to a 250. If I had to buy a L's / P's bike right now I would find it
                      hard to go past a RVF400, hi-tech V4 that sound great and will smoke
                      many other bikes in the right hands, but not too much weight or power.

                      If your a big guy then it may be too small but if not you should check it out.
                      Previous - Yamaha WR250F
                      Current - Honda CRF450X
                      Current - Honda Fireblade


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                        Originally posted by blogs
                        They are dangerous as hell and your chances of being killed are very high.
                        That's a bit of a sweeping statement. I've been road riding for 20 years now and as far as I know i'm still here.
                        "♫ Modern day warrior His name's Tom Sawyer ♪ ♫ He floated down a river on a raft with a black guy ♪ "


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                          Classic-My first bike was a Kwak KMX125 (Road version!), so dirt bikes are in the blood I suppose! Then a Honda CBR600FT, Kwak ZX9R, Honda CBR 600FS Track bike, Kwak ZX12R (Scary unrestriced souped-up beast 190mph/304kms + speeds-I Know had it on the Autobahn at 196Mph and had a Porsche behind me flashing it's headlights for me to move over!). A Harley Fatboy with all the bells and whistles-got bored with that and wanted a crotch rocket again, at same time got a Honda XR650 (Beaut Hillclimbing tractor!). Then traded the Harley for a '04 Yam R1, nearly lost my licence and soiled my shorts a couple of times, Came down a notch and got a Beemer 1150GS Adventure (Wanna tour Oz!) & a KTM520EXC. Which I will have to hang on to, as the Mrs is getting sick of my obsession and I'm running out of excuses as to why I need another new bike! (The '06 Ducati's look hot- can only dream!). Best advice I got was to gradually build up experience on lower powered bikes, before getting a more powerful bike! It's happened too often, new riders finished their P's and then go out and get a bike they cannot handle and end up a statistic. With all the accidents I've had, some other Bugger was involved and caused it- be careful out there Mate. Ride paranoid and survive the trip!!
                          ALL ARSE AND NO CLASS!!!


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                            Haha, some great stories and bikes. I definetly dont want to be a statistic. I just have to very aware and careful. But yea, i can only get up to a 250cc on my learners. I was looking at the nsr250's and rgv250's cunit but being a 2 stroke will they like being ridden everyday for little trips? Just seems like if there like dirt 2 strokes there gonna be alot more fussy, need more work more often ect.


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                              Originally posted by Cal
                              That's a bit of a sweeping statement. I've been road riding for 20 years now and as far as I know i'm still here.
                              Mate its sad but true, you may be one of the lucky ones, though it also depends a lot on where you ride-I rode for years around the country etc without even a hint of trouble. Ride around Springvale road etc and your days seem to be numbered. The sad fact is the world is full of morons, and these morons drive cars, and these cars have dumb arse accidents, and if one of these dumbarse accidents happens to be with a bike then....

                              I used to think like you, and liked to think I could always avoid an 'accident'. The day I got hit the guy looked right at me....and pulled out anyway!!!! How do you avaoid that? i will still get another road bike though, but primarily for the track.


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