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Sabine Schmitz queen of the ring dies

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  • Sabine Schmitz queen of the ring dies

    Anyone who follows motorsport would have heard of this lady. The "Ring Taxi" driver. She was a Nurburgring local and could haul around there.

    Died of cancer at 51. That's a real shame.

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    Awesome lady, , never forget her smashing it in a Ford Transit[now my fav vehicle] around the ring..


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      Yes it is; a real shame... Her being hot was a bonus... She was a knowledgeable & capable presenter... Accomplished driver & commentator; with a fun-loving & easy-going personality... Godspeed.
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        I just finished re-watching all the old Top Gear episodes a few weeks ago, then I see this news on social media yesterday. Damn, very sad.
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