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  • Frieght

    I need to get a piece of machinery picked up at Candelo NSWand delivered to Blandford NSW. Dimensions are L 2.31 W 2.85 H 2.5 weight 520kg. Vendor will load at Candelo and I can unload at my end. Will need to be on a rigid as no semi access. Can anyone help or know of anyone, happy to pay the going rate not looking for a freebie but would prefer a back load rather than a job just to pick this item up. Have had it on load shift but no luck yet, just posted it on all freight as well.

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    520kg - thats a lot of coke.
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      Originally posted by OldManRiver View Post
      520kg - thats a lot of coke.
      that depends on who you are I suppose


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        Babble for a forth time.
        Truck hire maybe Hertz.
        Drive there then fly back.
        Gonna be dear whatever.

        On second thoughts...Wish-it done right... Do-it yourself.
        I've an advantage... Already having a MR Truck Licence.
        I'd hire a flat-bed truck & bloody-well cart-it there myself.
        If you-too do-gain your MR Licence: Then-you could too.

        Stuff knows how I'd do that. Yet, I'd try-to make-it idiot-proof.
        I'd fork-it onto a pallet (or two) & observe-it being loaded-on.
        It's-then their responsibility to fork-it-off without any incident.
        I'd have them sign a dicklaimer to such-effect: Half my cash.

        Edit: My-being a Ceramic Tiler... Kinda-like a pallet of Tiles.
        I'd suss those sorta blokes: Maybe up-for cash on-the side.
        You're gonna require a fork-lift at both ends regardless imo.
        I wouldn't pay/employ anyone who's unfamiliar in such/that.

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          Be expensive with a rigid truck.
          Hire a car trailer and do it yourself.
          This gets lots of my jobs over the line as sometimes freight is equal to cost of item.
          I,m $100 / hr plus gst for crane truck. Approx $1.78 per km depending on job.

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            Thanks for the replies. I've found a bloke with a small truck and trailer, $800. I couldn't be bothered driving down and back for that price.


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