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  • 1975 xr75

    I got a new XR75 in 1975 as a 13th birthday present for a very good boy

    I had my 54th birthday yesterday so I treated my XR to some TLC. A new set of points and rebuilt the fuel tap using OEM parts. Started first kick, idles like a kitten.....

    No its not the same XR....I rode the wheels off mine around RedHill and Duffy Forest brick pits trying to keep up with a 13 year old Vaughan Style on his XR75, but that was a fail because Vaughan was whipping guys on their CR125 Elsinores, CZs, Maicos, TM400 etc....

    Mal inherited my XR and I think we sold it sometime in 1979?

    I bought this one back in 2010 from the 2nd owner and it still had the original tyres on it, I had to replace them because the sidewalls were all cracked, even though the knobs were only slightly worn. I think this bike only ever got ridden on a golf course, there aren't even any scratches on the skidplate/footpeg hangers, pity the exhaust got dinged by the previous owner.
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    • <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo wr450f.jpg"/></a>


      • My last blackbird.
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        • 2016 YZ250F

          2016 YZ250F - The bike that got me back into riding!
          2000 YZ125 - Not running- project in the waiting! ^lol


          • Added a 2013 450 to my honda collection

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            • Literally Grandpas axe syndrome.

              Came off the production line over 15 years ago.

              Converted to ADR specs by Enduro Engineering 14 years ago

              Sold a few weeks later

              3rd owner-what maybe 9, could even be 10 years now,

              2 front wheel assemblies, 3 different stock barrels, 3 cranks, lost count of top ends, discs, bearings etc.......

              Just had a freshen up for my regular riding season;

              current configuration...back to 8 litre tank, new updated plastics, 325cc, WR 4th/5th gears, rekluse pro auto clutch, lectron carb, '06 cdi, back to old Open chamber forks and smaller shaft shock (Have SSS on 22.5s and 16mm shaft shock I use as well, but these are well sorted for my slow techie stuff as they seem to hold a tight line better at the moment) FMF fatty, CR450/XR650 brakes on the front.

              I think her frame, rear wheel assembly, swingarm, air box, cases, primary drive, starter gears and one of the linkages are her original bits left

              She sure ain't no supermodel, 105kg dry on a good day, like her rider she's old and gnarly, cheap to run, easy to get parts for, reliable as hell and nothing stops her, actually damn near impossible to stall.. and she still does it for me every time...

              Reckon I'll give her a bit more stroke or change rod ratio, maybe an E-start as well next incarnation...:grinning-
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              It's all about the impact.


              • I love the look of the Husky 300 2 strokes like AdamN's bike but my 2010 GasGas EC300 Nambotin Replica will do me for awhile yet. I have just gotten back into riding after 20 years away from it and am loving the confidence that I get from having Ohlins TTX at both ends.

                It's great to see some of the older bikes on here like Hivis' YZ. You don't need the latest model bike to put a smile on your face.


                • Still got the Beta, it's getting a well deserved tidy up though. It's now in its 9th year

                  Got the AT in late September..

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                  Failure is merely a virus in your mind, created by those too scared to start.


                  • Originally posted by wr250yz View Post
                    My weapons

                    Just saw this
                    Woohoo... we should start a club... Old YZ250WRs with ADR...

                    it's like that saying goes, only dogs and motorcycle riders can understand
                    It's all about the impact.


                    • Dad's AJP
                      Uncle's KLX
                      My WRf
                      2007 GasGas EC200
                      2005 WR250F


                      • Picked up a 2015 KTM 450EXC 2 weeks ago. Already put some rad guards and bash plate on it.

                        2015 KTM 450 EXC

                        2009 HUSQVARNA TE310 - SOLD


                        • Originally posted by Woody982 View Post
                          Picked up a 2015 KTM 450EXC 2 weeks ago. Already put some rad guards and bash plate on it.



                          • My SWM...she's a work in progress, like all bikes
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                            Im just an athlete trapped in a fat body.


                            • Originally posted by Oldscool View Post
                              My SWM...she's a work in progress, like all bikes



                              • Gypsy, that's a beautiful setting you've used, it sets those sweet looking bikes off perfectly.
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                                Im just an athlete trapped in a fat body.


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