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  • found some old pics

    Just found some old photo's of my old beast CR500 (I had forgotten about these pics) Just come back from I think October long weekend at Redbanks, a mate found this mud hole/creek about 15/20 meters wide, at deepest just under the handelbars and you had to sort of jump into it, full noise then leap out the other side and do a turn on the side of a 70 odd degree clift....probably the most fun thing i have ever done on a bike we did it many times :lol:

    If you look closely at the exaust, a different mate put the bike sidways into a tree at a rather high speed during a Williamstown pony express, totaled the exaust and bent the radiator..(he was alright tho...not that I cared about his wellbeing at that stage). I couldn't afford a new Pro ciruit pipe at that stage so I rebuilt the pipe and changed the jetting to reved its tits off........loved it and for about 12 months or so there I rode it on the pipe like a 125..

    and thats the hook with one of those things, once you have achieved a certain level and I use the word control lightly, its a sheer exhilariation causes middle aged overweight men to don lycra and dribble lots of crap and spend huge amounts of money trying to recreate times of my...opps I mean their youth

    the sidecar again ......note the "twin stacks" on the gemini
    I have the yellow helmet and Iam swinging in the first pic.

    TM 300 2008

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    I remember riding a mates 85' and 86' CR250's fondly. I use to get that "I could win some races on this baby' feeling.
    '08 KTM 530 EXC-SMotard
    '13 KTM 300 SX-W

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