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Wedderburn results complaint!!! C/county

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  • oldboy
    How nice that someone was kind enough to give you extra motivation. ^roost

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  • silverfox
    Cheers for the support guy's.
    We do not go through the timer till the end of the lap Keg
    LOL, Did I fill you in Slide show???
    Won't get me down Low voltage or ruin my year. Just annoy's the shit out of me!!!
    Not you Pesky, or any of the other guy's there on the weekend, Sorry if it seemed like it was aimed at you or any of the other guys there. Your not that type of bloke in my eyes, nor are the other guy's who were with us talking about it.
    We will wait and see if a head pops up.

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  • pesky
    I don't like hearing about this either Fitzy, coming second in the championships, it would be easy for eyes to be looking at me with all this, I know you started on the correct row with me, as we spoke about it on the weekend, and being a vicco, I've got no problem of you coming over and kicking our asses, it's been a pleasure to meet you, and even share accommodation at Traralgon. I hope you get to see the email and find who is complaining.

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  • Low Voltage
    Don't let it ruin your year, Fitzy.

    Walk the high road and let others slough around in the mud.
    You know they are wrong.

    Besides, we've got three rounds to go, and if rumors are correct, the last one will be awesome.

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  • slideshowbob
    I know Silverfox started behind me, he went past me while i was rolling about in the mud. Smart@rse.

    I say let the man start 2 rows ahead, it's less people that will get roosted!

    Don't let it get you down Adrian, you know the truth, those that matter know the truth (now) and those that choose to invest like this will surely get a return.
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  • Keg
    Do you go through the transponder gate just after the start? If so, it would make no difference when you started. Lap times would be correct.

    If not, it would be pretty clear that your first lap was 2 minutes quicker than all the rest.

    Pretty easy to prove you are in the right either way.

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  • silverfox
    started a topic Wedderburn results complaint!!! C/county

    Wedderburn results complaint!!! C/county

    So it appears I have pissed off sombody in the VORC Masters class!!!

    It was very dissapointing to hear 3rd hand on the weekend that I had been accused of starting 2 or more rows ahead of my, and all the other masters class riders designated row at the C/Country in Wedderburn

    Firstly, If you have a problem, come and see me!!!

    Secondly, Put your money up and protest the result. Would love the chance to prove you wrong and defend myself.

    The cheap ass way you have gone about this, (I have seen the email contents), and telling anybody that will listen is crap. For me to hear about it 3rd hand, then have to front a person about it, and have them say to me
    " Yea, we are watching you, and we have the prove" leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    After discussing it with them, and pointing out I did actually start on the correct line with everybody else in the Masters class, as well as the Girls etc.
    and I can prove this and have witnesses!!
    He has no proof, only what sombody has told him!!!! FFS

    He tells me. I will have to check my emails, maybe he got it wrong!
    FFS. Check your facts before you go telling people, that I cheated. Yea, he has it fu**ing wrong alright!!
    Not having the chance to defend myself, and have somebody going around defaming me pisses me off.
    I have never, and never will cheat. Whats the point???

    If its sour grapes because your getting your ass kicked by a South Ozzie. Harden the fu*k up princess

    This has ruined what was shaping up as a fantastic year for me. Met some great blokes and made a lot of new friends. The chance to test myself in different terrain and surroundings has been very rewarding to me personally. To the other guys in the class, you know who you are, I know you had nothing to do with this as we disscussed it on the weekend, so do not think this is aimed at you as it is not.

    Finally, I have a fair idea who this person is. Do not know if they are hiding on here or not, but I'm sure sombody will point this post out to them.
    Man up and appoligize in public for your slander you tosser.

    Vent over
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