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  • Newbie with some questions

    Hi guys I'm a part time racer who doesn't mind giving things a go and have a few questions.
    I'm keen on giving the off road series a go. But I have a rmz 450 and I see in the enduro section you will be docked points for failing to have head light etc? Is this something to be worried about? Does it effect the result of a race/championships? I will be entering clubman of which I would have to request a race number here correct? I Have raced a little motocross just c grade and do not get enough practise on jumps do to my work and living location. I have finished finke the past 3 years and enjoyed that and raced hattah also with a few local enduros here and there. Basically I'm asking for abit of guidence on what to expect since I have never been to a off road event before. Then be able to make up my mind what I'd like to do for this season with plenty of time up my sleeve Cheers brad

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    There's some good info in here.
    011 kato 300
    xcf 350

    I was amazed at the 350 though. It doesn't have the power of a 450 but has more than a 250, so it was just like riding a bike in between the two, wow.


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