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    I?m a bit broken from the recent last round of the VORC, so while I?m laying around, I thought I?d put together a thread about my first time running in the VORC , with what was required, costs etc . It might help for others contemplating having a go and as I needed, answer some of the questions when you start.
    It is long winded but I?ve tried to cover everything. Anyway I?ll break it all down from here -

    Licensing and Entry Fees
    Before you can race the VORC you need to be a MV affiliated club member and hold a senior MV race licence. Club membership is around $70 year (Maffra/Sale MCC). You will also need a Motorcycling Victoria Licence- $245 year. (There is an extra payment needed for first time applicants)
    MA website - Getting started -

    There were 13 rounds nominated for the 2011 season.
    1 round was cancelled, due to a washout.
    12 x $80 Entry fee = $960
    The 2 Enduro?s, also carried an extra $15 permit fee. $30

    You will need a transponder for each day.
    They can be bought new for around $400 or if you?re lucky you can score a second hand one.
    I got mine off ebay pretty cheap, 6 months old for $200.
    They can also be hired at the events for $25 a day.

    Training for me consisted of as much riding as possible, but in reality was on average, every second weekend. At the start of the year I ran MX at our local track which had daylight savings weekday rides twice a week. This was excellent practice especially for Wonthaggi. I did gym 2-3 times a week but towards the end of the season spent more time swimming. Riding pushy?s with the kids was also good.
    Cost me $800 for a gym/pool membership for the year.
    Eating as healthy as possible and those energy bars, magnesium tablets/drinks for race day is another added cost. It?s stupid, but it seems to cost more. I mean jeez look at the cost of bananas. Don?t forget to factor in meals while you?re away from home.

    Bike and Parts/Consumables Fuel.
    I bought a new GasGas 300 late last year, which probably isn?t the best choice of bike for these events, however it?s what I wanted and what suited my other trail riding requirements at the time. Ideally I think a 250F bike would be the best choice for a clubman at these events. I found the 300 too powerful and would wear me out to quick when on the boil. Guys with more fitness and stamina will disagree but each to their own. It?s a great trail bike, but racing them is a different story.
    In saying that, the Gasser ran fault less throughout the season. I had no major breakages or any issues what so ever. My biggest problem was a sticking fuel inlet which made it overflow all the time. And a sticky throttle cable, which was easy fixed. I had a lot of good bits from my old bike that crossed over like rad guards, zeta levers and hand guards, HD tubes and good rim locks, Kegs Quick release axel and power valve cover. I only bought a force bashplate and thats it. Ready to race. Suspension is sorted on the clickers. I didn?t get a revalve but would if I do it again.
    I already had spares like bars, levers, plugs, tubes etc and all the tools so I won?t put that in but you?ll want to make sure that?s all covered.
    This is the parts breakdown I used for the whole season ?
    Race numbers and backgrounds - $110 Ringmaster Images
    2 x Front Bendix Brake pads $50each
    2 x Rear Bendix Brake pads $50 each
    Chain and sprockets set - $220
    Another front sprocket $45
    Throttle cable $45
    Grips $25
    1 x Set of fork seals and oil $160 (Work done myself)
    1 x Michelin M12 front $110
    2x Michelin S12 rears $120each
    1 x Mitas IT rear $130
    4 x gearbox oil changes $20 each
    2 x Airfilters $30 each.
    1 x Topend rebuild mid season $400. (DMCCA done all the work for this, including machining the head. He?s a great engine builder and I can recommend him to anyone).
    I bought the tyres at the start of the season and only used them for racing. Was a pain in the arse to change them around all the time but i think it saved me $$$ in the end.
    Total for parts and tyres =$1845
    Fuel for me was on average 30 litres of premium a weekend. 7 Race weekends = 210 litres + 5 litres of 2T oil. Rough price including oil (depending on Fuel cost) = $500

    Im not going to put prices here as it depends what you buy. You definitely need at least 2 sets of gear though. You can get away with helmets, boots and armour but it would be nice to have a fresh/clean/dry set of boots/helmet some weekends. You want at least 3 sets of gloves and goggles for a weekend and an assortment of lenses. Roll offs are pretty mandatory for the cross country?s as you aren?t allowed to use tear offs. (Ask Merriman haha). Cost is pretty huge here also. I needed a lot of new gear so probably spent easy $1500 for the year.

    A tuff jug or similar for quick Cross country refuels is a something to consider. You'll lose too much time with normal Jerry cans. I tried modding one with a big breather but it still didnt work to well. Tuff Jugs are about $70. Some events you'll need them others you wont even with a big tank fitted.

    A quick shade is worth its weight in gold too. I got a cheap hand me down but it only lasted 2 rounds so its probably best to spend some bucks there.
    You may be able to bludge of others that have these.
    Chairs and a table is worth taking too. There is abit of sitting around at the Sprint events so you may as will be comfy

    Travel / Accommodation
    I was pretty lucky accommodation wise as I live in Gippsland. The majority of events were in SE Vic this year. I stayed at friends house?s and camped at Abberfeldy, so only paid for one night?s accommodation the whole season. I saved a lot here. You would really want to have access to a shower and bike washing equipment on the Saturday night, it helps a lot, some rounds were really muddy and the bikes needed a good clean and service for the next day.
    Fuel for travel was another thing I got away with, as I have a work ute. This would have saved me a massive heap of dollars also.
    Pollock apparently spent $400 dollars on fuel just for the Golden beach round (Bike and car), so there can be big costs here.

    That?s about all I can think of at the moment as far as whats required.
    So for me a total of about $6500+ for the year excluding the bike.

    I think I sort of did it on the cheapish side, but im sure you could cut a few extra corners here and there. Or run a 4T and triple ya costs haha.

    There?s still other hidden costs like extra cleaners and lubes as you seem to spend more time cleaning and prepping than actually riding (not really).
    It would normally take me 2 nights before to get organised changing tyres and getting everything sorted.

    This is my second year back on dirtbikes. I had just over 10 years off them after smashing myself up pretty bad. I did road bikes for a while but the dirt bug came back and hit me hard. I was going to race before I gave up, so thought I?d give it a final crack. I raced the full season this year, I tried 3 VORC rounds last year and 1 club day event . This is the extent of my racing career, bar a few MX races when I was a kid. I have to say I was way over my head when it all started, you think your pretty quick until you do something like this. Certainly is a reality check. Haha. In the end I got better and actually got closer times and even beat some of the guys I was competing against. Its good like that, you tend to find where you sit against others and have your own battles even though it may not be for podiums. The Vics are full of top blokes (and Girls). I have met and become friends with some great people, who I continue to trail ride with. The pits are full of people willing to help out. They will come and help you on your pit stop even if they dont know you. Even most of the Pro?s will have a chat with you.
    Im not going to do the full series again it was just to much commitment for me to do again. I?ll pick a few of my favourite rounds and hopefully have a go at the A4DE.
    For me it was about getting through. The Cross countries are really tough and it brings a big sense of achievement to cross the line (Especially to beat Angus finally by 2 seconds in the last one of the year). Aberfeldy Enduro was awesome 230K?s in one day and out in that rock was a test and a half for me and machine. Hill end, well I nearly made it. Haha. Overall an awesome year I wont forget.

    I have to say a big thanks to a few, Donny at Scotties Dirt bikes has been a massive help and encouragement all year and Scotties Dirt bikes in general are awsome for service, Keg for the same, sending/bringing me parts at the last minute. Angus for the shit stirring and great battles all year. Amber, for all the initial questions on here when I started. All the DBW guys there we had some laughs and everyone at the VORC i made friends with. Its been fun.

    Ill run through the rounds if and when I get some time.
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    Great write up Col, really enjoyed reading it. Amber
    Owen & Amber 2


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      Top work NSE! That'll come in really handy.
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        Great write up Col... Well done making it through, it's certainly a big achievement and takes a lot of commitment to pull it off.

        Why are you broken after the last round, any injuries?
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          Originally posted by yam-man View Post
          Top work NSE! That'll come in really handy.
          Good detailed report, thanks for sharing.
          Hope you are on the mend

          Yam-Man, what do you mean "come in really handy"
          Are you going racing?
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            Cheers all. Something to do while im on the floor.
            Ive added a fair bit since i first posted. I keep remembering things i did/needed. I hope the missus dosnt see this thread haha.

            Dave i tweaked my back pretty bad in the last sprints. Come down pretty hard on the side and smashed my pelvis into the ground. Weird crash. Nothing too serious but im off work and F&#king sore at the moment. Time will heal hopefully.

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              Top work on the post, and good on ya for giving it (racing) a bash

              must say I was a little surprised at the costs, but then again I knew nothing about it beforehand,
              so you're looking at approx 2Gs just to race, then; bike + parts + travel + accom + food. You never mentioned beer costs
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                I rode one safari in 1992 with out any assistance and no mechanic, bike and parts were supplied it cost me $10,000!
                4-strokes have one real advantage over 2-strokes. Like the "big bang" theory in street bikes, the firing cycles are spaced longer, letting the tire hook up better on loose ground. And I'm sorry if I have hurt any 2-strokes feelings, but what do I care?


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                  Should be a sticky! (after you add the link to the ma club directory page )

                  Seriously, well done col, great effort to have that kinda courage and commitment.

                  It is scarey when you see the costs! I figured it was about $700 a weekend from my basic calcs.. assuming you already had most of the stuff.. i.e tranny (not vestite), race license, quick shade etc etc

                  And that also doesn't include bike dep...

                  But if you got plenty of money you gotta spend it some how

                  Racing that level really is a different beast and it takes a lota sweat and tears to step up to it from trail riding. But it's an experience you'll never forget.. and you can't die now thinking what if..

                  Getting a good DBW crew makes the races especially good... In 2008 it was pretty much just me, spock and piggaz


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                    Thanks for the tips, as Im thinking about it next year.

                    As per Disco's sig;

                    Hope I dont do a Sean Penn in 'I am Sam', go full retard and go home empty handed.


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                      The best advice I can think of is:

                      Experts won't ride your bike for you in the morning!!!

                      That means - don't get sucked in drinking with those hardened Enduro types on a Friday night while camping at the event the night before. They may pull up great the next day, but speaking from experience, they won't be there during a cross country or enduro when you have a dehydration head ache and upset guts.
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                        Seriously though the hardest thing that I still struggle with is - not coasting along.

                        When trail riding you might have a go for a while, but then get on the open stuff and cruise. In racing you will lose a lot of time by not coming out of the corner onto an open paddock and hold every gear wide open, when all as you want to do is cruise and rest a little.
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                          I'm actually a little different Keg, I use the open sections to take a break and have a drink because you can click up a gear and cruise without losing as much time. Trying to slow down and get a hold of the camelbak in the tight stuff can takes ages trying to dodge trees and stuff. If you can come into the tight stuff a little more relaxed and with more energy I find it a lot easier to pick up time than chasing people down the straight? Maybe I'm just weird though haha
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                            NSE.ONE you have broken the fundamental rule of racing...dont add up the costs! The easiest way to make a small fortune in motor sport is to start with a big fortune.


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                              +1 Great write up Col.
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