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Force Accessories for 2020 models

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  • Force Accessories for 2020 models

    I spoke to Force today about pipe guards as I canned my P-Tech order due to Covid-19 shipping problems. Basically, there is no mail going in or out of Estonia from Australia until further notice.

    The Force guards are about 2 weeks away & will include an improved front mount system - a welcome design change for mine.
    2020 Beta RR300

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    That's good news they have started to improve their guards, I am happy to support local small businesses. The force guard I have, which I am still persisting with is way inferior to what is available both australian and offshore.
    Michael :grinning-


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      They are the lightest on the market aswell which is why Force get my money.

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        Bashplate fitment on my 2018 480 was abysmal, returned it and got an AXP - never looked back.

        edit: the bashplate fit the frame fine, front mount was the problem
        2018 Beta 480


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          I went P-Tech from Jody at Euro Enduro. I want to support Australian companies but after seeing the new design & the fact it has a second bracket to secure the mounting bracket instead of the simpler P-Tech-style 2 x U-clamps on the lower frame rails, I canned it.
          2020 Beta RR300


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