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2021 XTrainer.

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  • 2021 XTrainer.

    The Wife bought herself one. Maiden voyage was today. I was allowed a ride.

    Holy crap it is good.
    The bike is too small for me, but the motor is magic - far better than my 2013 300RR. The newer motor vibes less and makes smoother power - I haven’t ridden anything that has such a direct connection between your right wrist and the rear wheel.
    It still moves along quite smartly when the throttle is wound open. I can imagine that there are times when I might want more top end power but most of those times exist only in my imagination.
    Certainly the first time that I felt like a newer 300RR might be worth the money to upgrade to.

    Steering felt ridiculously precise compared to my old WR200 that I was riding today. If felt like a HT Holden with two dead shocks and three flat tyres in comparison. Will need to compare it with something made this century before I decide exactly how good the XT is, but it is obviously very good.

    Surprisingly, the XT suspension felt good in the terrain I rode it on. Still felt a bit new and sticky, and I was obviously running it deeper into the stroke than ideal but medium speed, open single track was absolutely no problem for it - much better than I expected.
    I can picture the times when it would struggle, but I could ride it and enjoy it for most of the riding I have done lately.

    The ergos are my biggest complaint - although I am 98kg and 6’... Fine (not great) for riding standing up, but I imagine that I would hate it for a longer point-to-point all day ride.

    The Wife, simply giggled like a schoolgirl full of red cordial all day.
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    Beta 200RR

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    They are good!! Put a 300RR pipe on it and it will go like stink!!
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      300 bottom end with 200 top end is how I describe it. The forks are pretty bad even when modified. I have a set of WP CCs to go on once I get them shortened and re-valved. The shock seems OK after some work. The small tank doesn't go very far even once the float level is set correctly. I carry 1.5 to 3l in my backpack if I'm doing more than 80km.
      I've thought about changing the pipe but the reality is I use the top end once or twice a ride and it has been adequate.
      CRF 100F 2004
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        A bit over 100km now, and she’s still loving it. Had an awesome rag-doll crash on it today when she screwed up on a log crossing that she’s done dozens of times before...

        But overall, it has is clearly taking her another step forward in her riding. She’s faster, more confident, and cracking the irits less often.

        I have not been allowed back on it.
        Beta 200RR


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          suspension tweak, pipe and jetting and its the best hard enduro bike for the shorter human.


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            The kays are clocking up slowly but progressively. The heat, kids, fitness and available time have limited most rides to about 30-35km. I think that the bike is just short of 9 hours after today’s ride.

            Only real complaint is that the rear brake is grabby. It’s getting into her head a bit. I don’t think it is a big issue, but I can see what she is talking about.
            We have messed with the pedal freeplay, but will have to try different pads.

            The suspension is still loosening up. I had thought that the harshness I felt in the forks was because I am too fat for them and running too deep in the stroke, but The Wife was feeling the same and her riding weight is about 30kg less than mine.
            Watching from the side, the fork looks fine most of the time, but appears to get harsher on successive bumps. Kind of like it is pumping up momentarily.

            We will leave this until it has a few more hours on it because the suspension is still improving as it beds in.

            Overall, she’s loving it. She’s actually crashing MORE because she is riding faster and more confidently and trying things that she wouldn’t previously have tried.
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            Beta 200RR


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