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Beta RR300 2020 3 year review

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  • Beta RR300 2020 3 year review

    Well, where to start? What a bike it has been! Have tried to sell it a couple of times but wasn’t prepared to give it away, so at 250hrs I decided to keep it & fully rebuild the motor.
    I removed the motor myself & dropped it to my mate Nate, mechanical whizkid, for the mains, etc. I checked the starter, did some other maintenance & cleaned the power valve, ready to reinstall the donk when Nate had worked his magic.

    I used a TSP rebuild kit which Nate said wasn’t perfect - some odd-shaped gaskets & not all gaskets included, apparently. Uncoated Pro-X piston. He rebuilt the water pump & replaced a bent (!!) power valve actuator rod while the engine was torn down. It took a few hours & following the workshop manual to get it all zipped up. Started last night fourth kick and sounds so quiet. The vibrations are down noticeably, too - not that they were ever bad. Nate did say the mains were getting ‘grumbly’ & there was the beginnings of vertical rod movement, so for all you Beta 2-t riders (joke - no-one comes here anymore), 250hrs is a good bench mark for a trail-ridden machine. Nate said the crank was about as good as he’s seen, so I got a Monday build bike! He could only get the crank a little ‘truer’ when refreshing it.

    I ride the bike almost exclusively at Sydney’s 2 hard enduro temples, so it isn’t the best cosmetically after 262hrs, but who cares? I sold my Ohlins carts & am about to go back to KYB after sourcing a pair of unicorn 2010 TC250 bolt-ons. Yeew! Will be racing the 2 NSW rounds of AHEC on the bike, so nice to have a ‘new’ one!

    Good - chassis, rideability, balance, motor, traction, build quality, ease of sourcing spares, starter motor.

    Bad - front loom has failed twice & wasn’t replaced under warranty (bike was out of warranty), but it’s a known fault so Beta Australia gave me a decent discount, steering lock.

    I can’t justify an $8k changeover for a 2023 Factory - so the 2020 will have to do for the next little while..
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    2020 Beta RR300

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    fair call Gibnut, I mean the Italians were never known for having great electrics in the automotive world but even in a post covid world the price of new and secondhand bikes are pretty silly so its well worth rolling coin back into something that is still delivering the goods.
    2008 KTM 200EXC... Yep, taken up smoking again...
    2001 Yamaha WR250F....the original modern 4 stroke quarter litre thrill machine....13.5:1 Vertex slug & auto-decomp cam
    1995 DT200...a dark horse that one...reliable, underestimated but surprisingly quick with a few mods...


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