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The best thing I've ever bought. EM epure Sport

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    Originally posted by Medium Rare View Post
    Is there an Oz distributor or did you import yourself? Keep up the feedback, if it remains positive the one with the seat is my next farm bike.
    I'm starting to think the one with the seat and the extra battery capacity could be the way to go.

    Oz distributor is at Tamborine mountain, a fella called Richard Kent.

    So I experimented with the modes a bit more today on varied terrain. It basically confirmed my choice of red but I will mix it up more. Here's my findings:
    Green, 125: good for just going slowly over obstacles and along flatter ground. I needed to have it right to the stop to get up a steep hill and it only just managed to do it. I'll use it more on downhills.

    Blue,250: power is slightly down from red and it works most places really well. Can do the steepest hills and actually get better traction due to slightly subdued throttle response. I'll use it a bit more.

    Red,300: good strong quick response on the throttle. Lifts the front easily. My go-to mode for sure.

    Red combined with the left hand PRB lever used as a clutch for take off only can definitely help to launch the front wheel higher more quickly. It might help for higher rock and tyre mounts.
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