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    Also if you haven't tried, remove plug cap(unscrews) and try bare wire to cylinder bolt.

    If you can borrow another coil, i'd try that too.

    Unusual for CDI's to go, so I'd be trying easy/cheap stuff first
    BTW this is my and a mates'(Q) CDI dodgy measurements for KTM300 all measured to gnd pin2,IIRC
    Pin__________Colour_________My 2009 CDI____Q's 2013 CDI

    1___________wht/blu________inf____________inf_____________to coil
    4___________grey___________inf____________inf_____ _______dual ignition
    5___________blk/ylw________inf____________inf____________kill button
    6___________blk/red________7.6 Kohm_______7.5 Kohm_______exciter
    8____________n/c___________0-2M @2mins____0-2M @2mins
    10____________red___________3.08 Kohm______3.08 Kohm______pulser
    11____________green_________0______________0______ ________pulser
    12____________n/c___________1.57 Kohm______1.5 Kohm
    13____________n/c___________154 Kohm_______151 Kohm
    14____________blk/wht_______0______________0______________dual ignition
    15____________n/c___________1.2 Kohm_______2.4 Kohm_______throttle pos sensor for 4st??
    16____________n/c___________11.4 Kohm______11.4 Kohm______"
    17____________n/c___________11.6 Kohm______11.5 Kohm______"
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      Only just noticed your last post Rebuild, thanks for that.

      The stator resistance to ground and to the lighting side all checks out fine.
      Can't see anything burned or the like looking at the stator.

      Considering options now, I'm not in a huge hurry because it's a second bike these days. I even researched rewinding the stator myself, might even try that, although getting the epoxy off without soaking all the windings in acetone and having to redo them too sounds like it might be a challenge.

      I've also only checked the stator voltage (which apparently is low) with no load on it. I might check it again with the CDI plugged in - if it's then very low, I guess it's confirmation of the stator.

      I would like to try another coil too, but the other coils I have access to are all COP 4 stroke items, don't know if they're compatible.


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        Voicing aloud... Nah... It's maybe not a challenge at-all... Yet, I'm not-gonna comment on that: Since I know F-all... Having never-done that.
        If I were to attempt such; I'd strip the existing wiring... source the replacement wiring & do the Maths for the overall length, in coils, for that.

        Edit: The length needed, by the coiling, can-likely be done/sussed with/by using Maths too... That's well-above my pay-grade... Even for free.
        Edit2: If you do send it away & I likely would; you should be able the check what is returned via a multimeter b4 fitting it: Google's your friend.
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          I finally got back to this.
          I wanted to double check the measurements I had out of the stator.

          My trusty test rig.

          The old Tektronix scope I have has died, so I bought a $35 digital ebay scope which seems to work well for this kind of thing.

          The stator output:

          The pulse coil output:

          According to Small Coil Rewinds, the pulse coil looks about right.

          22Vpp for the stator looks like it could be OK if it were a high speed exciter, but well under the 100V expected if it's a low speed excitor, which gasser nate has suggested it is earlier.

          I might give small coil rewinds a call next week and see what they say.
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            You get it sorted matey?
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              Nope, not yet.

              Called Small Coil Rewinds and he's pretty sure the stator resistance is too low so I need to send the whole lot off to him for test and most likely rewind.

              Was looking around a bit to see if I could just find another stator. It's the same stator as an equivalent age KTM, but being the '2k-3' version with the additional lighting output instead of the '2k-2' they're not easy to come by.

              The whole thing got sidelined a bit because the gasser is a second bike these days, and then my son's CRF closed up the intake valves so I dealt with that intead. Glad I got that sorted just in time to leave it in the shed and stay home.


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                If you need a 2K3 stator they will cross over mate. Jeff Gleeson (old GG distributer) had an OEM stator available for sale a week or two ago. I'll grab you the KTM part number too.. I bolted one straight onto my old 2013 model. The stator came across onto the GG backing plate, but also had to splice in the upper loom connections. It wasn't too much work.

                Edit: KTM 55139004100
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                  Jakobi I think that might be a newer model - this is a 2004 gasser, the KTM part number I discovered was 50339004200. Maybe they both would fit anyway.


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                    It might be.

                    Was for a Kokusan 2K3. Same stator on my 2010 and 2013. Not sure about back at 2004.. I have the old one with the busted coil here. I can measure anything up if you need.


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                      pretty sure my 04 ktm300 was a 2k3. ktm were using kokusan since 98/99ish

                      specs for ktm 2k3
                      2K-3 stator
                      Pulser coil____________red & green_______________100ohms +/- 15%
                      Exciter________________black/red & red/white______12.7ohms +/- 15%
                      Charge coil(lighting)__yellow to ground____________0.65ohms +/- 15%
                      _______________________white to yellow_____________0.16ohms +/- 15%

                      Primary: white/blue - ground: .425 - .575 ohm
                      Secondary: white/blue - ign wire: 10.8 - 16.2 kilohm
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                      Ariel MCC
                      Covering SA in singletrack since 1928
                      09 KTM300EXC-E
                      89 KTM125EXC


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                        I found a thread on another forum where a bloke used an 08 EC300 stator in an 04 no problems. They parts numbers for GG have changed a bit over the years..

                        But I also used the number above in a 2013.

                        I would suggest the actual coils and outputs for a 2K3 would be the same, and the varying part numbers probably to do with the plugs and fittings attached for various models. If you intend to splice it in, no issue.


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                          No luck with Betta Bikes in SA?? They sorted out the failed 2K-3 on my O4 300 EXC.

                          Had an exchange unit on the shelf.
                          2013 300 EXC_ meh ! nothin to rave about.But I do soooo like the E start....

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                          to Finke & back 2014
                          should I change the piston @ 140 hrs prior
                          to Finke & back 2015 ??
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                            Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the windings themselves are the same across the years. Splicing looms is no concern for me.

                            Haven't actually tried Betta Bikes, might see if I can contact him since he's local.


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