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  • 2002 parts.

    Any hints on where I can buy a plastic kit for a 2002 300EC?
    Best I can find is $300 delivered for a white Polisport kit.

    Even if I could find a pair of radiator shrouds would be great.

    I also need a pair of radiator louvres.
    Beta 200RR

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    I gave up.

    I am in the process of fitting the spare 96 TM125 plastics to it.

    Got a 94 KX250 airbox on the way, so only the radiator shrouds were remotely difficult: Had to trim down the edge that tucks under the front of the seat, and drill an extra hole in the shroud. Still need to make some tangs to suit the GG's Chinabay radiators to mount the shrouds, and it will be sorted.

    If it all works and holds together, then I will buy the new KX/RM/YZ (aka TM) plastics in black.
    Beta 200RR


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