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  • Crf450l

    Has anyone ridden one yet?

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    I rode one 670km across Tasmania in one day.

    Motorcycle City in Launceston gave us two bikes for the crossing.

    I ended up doing 1000km on mine.

    I was pretty stoked with the bike. We obviously rode every type of terrain you could imagine over the day.

    We had the bikes for a bit before the ride as well to get a general feel and to work out what we needed to do to set them up.

    Mitas supplies the tyres so we chose a medium front and a mid/hard for the rear for longevity. Once we did sag and took a little rebound speed out of the fork and shock, we didnít have to touch anything. If you are a 'fast' rider, you will need springs and maybe a little work but the whole purpose of this bike is not to be a hard edged racer and I was thankful for the comfort after 17 1/2hrs on the bike.

    The bike loves the throttle being wound on. They are really stable at speed and soaked up everything we threw at them.

    Climies track in the dark, after 16 hours in the saddle was always going to be tough, but the Hondaís loved it.

    I was surprised at how smooth the power delivery was, and the torque was amazing. There is a little aggression at the very start when you are on/off throttle in the tight stuff, so I probably ran it a gear higher as we had to limit fatigue as much as we could all day. Having said that, as soon as you were moving in any gear you could wind it on and it would just keep going. The top end seemed to pull well right through.

    Lots of people will baulk at the weight of the bike. Quoted at 130kg, that sounds heavy, but there are so many ways to strip it off the bike, starting with the enormous exhaust can.

    The LED headlight is very impressive. We ran additional LED helmet lights, but I was very surprised at the brightness of the stock headlight.

    The build and feel of the bike is typical Honda, very impressive. It is heavy, but it seems to carry its weight really well. I had a few Hondaís from 08 to 2011,250 and 450, so Iím familiar with the bikes and this one is the next generation of improvements.
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      Nice write up
      It pumps one way and then it pumps the other...
      you have to know what you're doing with these machines and wear gloves
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        That looks like an awesome ride (if spread over a few days^rof)
        Good insight for prospective buyers....well done.
        Im just an athlete trapped in a fat body.


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          Good report Pig.
          "Mindfulness has no interest in knowing the answers, it exists solely in understanding the questions"


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            Originally posted by Nutty View Post
            Good report Pig.
            Itís hard to be Ďnegativeí about a bike when you are given one fully supported to ride. People will say that of course I would say good thing as I was given one, but there is no reason for me to be negative.

            To be perfectly honest, this new bike does everything it says it will. I have been on European race type enduro bikes for the last 4 years, so you canít directly compare. The 450L claims to be a user friendly trail bike, and that is exactly what it is. If you want to buy one to race it, expect to do what you had to on a 450x.
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              How did it handle any road transport sections? Also does it have a cush hub or cush sprocket? Thanks for your review.


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                Originally posted by FEARNOBEER View Post
                How did it handle any road transport sections? Also does it have a cush hub or cush sprocket? Thanks for your review.
                It was really good on the transport sections. We really had to be on it as soon as we got anywhere open and the big girl soaked up the KM like a champion.

                It doesnít have a cush drive as far as I know. There is a rubber ring around the rear sprocket to reduce noise.
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                  Originally posted by FEARNOBEER View Post
                  How did it handle any road transport sections? Also does it have a cush hub or cush sprocket? Thanks for your review.
                  Itís runs a Cush drive hub and sprocket with a dampening ring around the outside where the chain plates touch the sprocket.


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                    Video review

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                      Good report piggaz. Woulda bought back some good honda mammories.

                      Yeah the sprocket with the rubber ring is a bit different. Guessing people will have to drop that setup if they want different gearing. $108 replacement cost (not too bad).


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