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crf450x who has the most kilometres?

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    Originally posted by Al.C View Post
    Corrections in Blue

    Well, i did kinda lose a year almost...
    Eat sleep ride repeat.


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      I have over 300 hours on my 09 now. It's had a TRX piston in it since 220 hours, might pull it out and have a look one day.

      I used to work on 25km/h when I rode predominantly single on the 250x, but I do a lot of open fast stuff now, so 300 hours at 35km/h is 10,500km.

      Poor old fat heap of red snot. Only original parts are the engine cases (bottom end), frame, swing arm, triples and hubs.

      Tank, radiators, full top end, exaust, bars, perches, seat, rims, spokes, pegs, suspention, subframe have all been replaced over time.
      2018 Beta 300RR Racing


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        Pulled up at the shed last night after checking the horses. Speedo was on 8888k and 200hours. Pretty sure 8888 is meant to be lucky^roost


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          I up to 255hours and 10080ks. The inlet valves went at 153hrs and put Pro x steel inlets in. A TRX piston was installed at the same time.


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            Congrats hondahead.

            My 5 speed bike (even geared-up) couldn't keep-up with a/my so-called mate on the highway.
            My trying-too.. Resulted in my bike.. At max-revs.. Doing-it.. For-more than 30k.. Valves gone.

            There's many reasons valves do-wear & subsequently do-fail; constantly high-revs being one.
            There's options to replace with cheaper valves; likely heavier: Will-damage more-at high-revs.
            ================================================== ====================

            To elaborate somewhat: Reciprocal forces-matter: As-matter has-mass.
            Higher/speed reciprocal/velocity forces do-impact: An-entire valve-train.
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              Haven’t been riding much 270 hours and 10388ks.


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