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Husqvarna wr300 wheel replacement information

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  • Husqvarna wr300 wheel replacement information

    I had a lot of trouble finding wheels for my 09 husky wr300 so I thought I'd share my findings
    Earlier wr 250-300 (07-010 I think) has a hub that is approx 5mm smaller than the later model te bikes, this make it impossible to just bolt on another wheel as I found, the sprocket will hit the chainguard. the good news is with a little work they can be made to fit.
    On the sprocket side of the wheel, the later bikes hub is 5mm wider than the early wr's but only where the sprocket mounts, the bearing hub is still in the same location. so if you can mill 5mm off the sprocket mounting area, being careful not to mill off the locating tabs where the sprockets mounts, the chain will be in closer in allowing you to bolt the new wheel on without any issues :grinning-
    I also took about 1mm off the brake disc mount (so 5mm off the sprocket side and 1ishmm off the brake side) to make the brake disk line up just a little better but it would have been fine without touching that side
    I did also use a slightly larger hub spacer on the sprocket side
    Anyway terrible write up but maybe someone will find it useful
    1 Husky wr300 and 1 semi confident rider

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    Good on you for sharing!


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