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95 WR125 Wiring

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  • 95 WR125 Wiring

    Hey all,

    I've just picked up an old 95 WR125, and mechanically it is great but all the electrics have been mutilated. According to the wiring diagram (attached) I believe these run an AC electrical system as I can't see a rectifier anywhere.

    I'm hoping to get it re-registered and hoping to convert it to a 12V DC system to run LED lights all round. Anyone done this before? I'm thinking of adding a 5 wire Rectifier / Regulator to the output of the stator. This would be in parallel to the AC regulator and CDI (which is the only electrics on the bike that hasn't been chopped out).

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    You are correct, all the old huskys just ran an AC system with a single wire regulator to limit the voltage. I recently wired up a 12v system for a mates old Yamaha WR250 using a 4 wire reg/rec off ebay to run led lights and a horn. It was pretty simple. AC from stator goes into reg/rec (usually 2 yellow wires) DC comes out.
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      Cheers mate, appreciate the reply! The 4 wire rec/reg is probably a better idea, as then i can leave the stator tap that feeds the HT coil alone.


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