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1997 KDX200J, third time lucky?

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  • 1997 KDX200J, third time lucky?

    So me buying an old Kawasaki isn’t that news worthy… But maybe someone will find some amusement in this.

    Back in about 2010, I bought a KDX200. Rode it a few times but it mostly sat in the shed. I sold it to Riles via DBW in 2011 to help pay for the Husky XC150.

    Then I bought it back from him in 2012:

    Not long after I got it home, a mate of a mate was looking for a bike so I sold it again.
    It was registered, ridden once and then sat in the mutual mate’s shed while the owner got distracted with renovating his house, and then another.

    By about 2017, it became apparent that it was going to sit around indefinitely, and I began to try to buy it back.
    Over the next four or five years, the owner repeatedly refused to sell it, because it wasn’t in his way and he didn’t even have to think about it.

    A couple of weeks ago, Swill decided to get rid of a bunch of crap from his shed and told the owner to come and pick it up, or to take my money.

    He chose the second option, and now I own this bike for the THIRD time.

    I will try to hold onto it for a bit longer this time … but no promise!
    Beta 200RR

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    I've been looking for a good KDX, how about you sell it to me? I know you have too many projects......
    CRF 100F 2004
    Beta XT 2020


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      Originally posted by Craigy View Post
      I've been looking for a good KDX, how about you sell it to me? I know you have too many projects......
      No! Maybe! Not yet!

      It started on the 4th kick. First time it's been started in two years, first time it has been ridden in four.
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      Beta 200RR


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        I actually rode it a few weeks ago. Just a casual afternoon at a mate’s farm with The Wife and The Kids, and a couple of mates .
        I really enjoyed riding it. I can recognise its limitations and there’s no question that the much-newer Beta is the better bike.
        But I really enjoyed riding it.

        It is currently in for a rego inspection, with the loose intention of using it as the main trailbike for the Christmas-ish trail rides with the missus.
        Beta 200RR


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          Good story spac - most of us do not get the chance to get some our old rides back . .

          I do miss my KDX
          I sold it to get a Husky TE 450 - which i really liked but was not able to keep them both (at the time)
          The Husky has now gone and i would prefer the KDX back over the two . .

          Time and tide . .


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