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  • Klx 150 2019

    Been sitting for a year or so, won't start, pulled carby apart and slow speed jet seems blocked. Does this jet have a hole right through from top to bottom or is it supposed to be blocked part way through? Would buy a new one but Kawasaki want $130 just for that one jet.

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    Definitely has a hole right the way through.
    Usually carby/contact cleaner & compressed air will get it sorted.


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      If that doesn’t work an ultrasonic cleaner should do the trick


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        That looks to be a 38 pilot jet that comes in the PD/PE/PWK/FCR series of Keihin carburetors. I'm amazed that Kawasaki can justify that sort of a price for one.

        Cleaning the internals of those pilot jets can be a bit hit & miss. If you try poking something through the blocked hole, there is a chance that it will be scored and change the flow rate. If you are too gentle, the resin build-up won't be fully removed. Soaking in carby cleaner for a few hours may work, but it is usualy best to just purchase a new jet.

        An option would be to purchase one from a local Keihin carby supplier. Something like this ($6.60):
        PILOT JET – KEIHIN N424-21 #38 – BK Performance

        Or this ($10:45):


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          BTW, the 'S' stamped after the 38 on the jet denotes it as having smaller air emulsion holes in each side of the jet. This is likely just done for emission regulations for the bike, and I'm guessing a normal 38 will work just fine in there.


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            I'm trying to remember what fine wire to use rather than a special tool. You tube reminded me. Use single strand wire from old electrical cable lying around your shed. Hold the jet lightly in soft jaws or the like, heat the fkr up with a flame/butane torch. If you want to really cowboy it hold it in some pliers over the bbq flame. Keep poking at it (with wire strand) and heating it until it clears.


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