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300exc start issues

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  • 300exc start issues

    Hi Guys,
    Some advice please.
    I have a 2020 300exc, only done a couple of rides so far.
    Before my last ride I fitted a KTM power part thermal fan. Since I had to drain the coolant anyway, I thought I would put some engine ice in.
    It now has difficulty starting when hot, I need to give it some throttle to get it running, and the battery light comes on when the fan is not running.
    Given I donít have a kick starter, these issues are concerning, any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Where do you ride? Bow River? It's winter, cold and wet at most latitudes here.

    Sparing the argument as to why you made those changes so close soon in your ownership, perhaps discuss the issue with your dealer? They might have a map change/update for you.
    There is an active thread on here right now talking about the same types of starting issues. Off you go! You're welcome


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