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250sx 5 speed to 6 speed wide ratio like exc or 5 speed wide like the older exc

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  • 250sx 5 speed to 6 speed wide ratio like exc or 5 speed wide like the older exc

    Hi All,

    I have a 2013 250 sx that ive thrown a 300kit on & fitted the sxs300 ignition. The 5 speed is just way to close for my liking & being an exc rider in th past i wanted to know if wnyone has built one of these into a 5 speed wide ratio or a six speed wide ratio. Now my real question is do you have a parts list of what you did so i can order it all and save a heap of grief in the process.
    I have contacted Dave Hoobz but i know he is not on here like he used to be & i dont have his mobile number to ring him. So im reaching out to others to see if anyone else has done this. Now dont start on the buy an exc the reason im doing this is my old 300 got knocked and i bought this one cheap with the view to making it into an exc but with no e start & all the good fruit in suspension. Chad has already done the job on it and wow what a difference to the PDS in handling. Anyway hope lock down has treated you all well & you are all about to kit the dirt WOT like me next week.
    This is a low hours bike & so i want to keep it as i just dont ride as much as i used too getting old i recon.
    Id be happy to do a 5 speed exc style set up or a 6 speed on it.

    Anyway hope you can help me out given i have contributed heaps with my old jetting & mod thread on the 300exc all those years ago.


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    Your in luck, I put a 300 kit on my bike and considered converting to a six speed. In the end I went to 14/48 gearing and a 38mm carb. I've cut and paste this from a message. See below

    Fw: Finally. SX 5 speed to XC-W 6 speed parts.

    21-09-2013, 12:40 PM

    Originally posted by Whoobz?
    After ripping the house and garage apart, I finally found the paperwork showing the parts in my car console

    2010-2013 SX to XC-W 6-Speed conversion parts.

    You need to get a hold of all the below parts. I'm am 90% sure the 3 needle rollers listed last on the list Coe with the shift forks now, but just in case they don't for you, I'd order them as well just in case.

    *Pick the main shaft for your model, don't get both^lol*

    1- 54833201100 Main Shaft Cpl 14t (This main shaft for 2013 SX)

    1-54833201000 Mainshaft Cpl 14t (This main shaft for 2010-2012SX)

    1- 54833202000 Solid Gear
    1- 54833203000 Sliding Gear 3/4 gang Z=20/22
    1- 54833205000 Idler Gear 5g Z=25
    1- 54833206000 Idler Gear 6g Z= 26
    5- 0417025000 Circlip SW25
    2- 54833044000 Stop Disc 25x31x1.5
    3- 54833043000 Stop Disc 25x0.8x30x30x7
    1- 54833210000 Counter Shaft Cpl
    1- 54833212000 Idler Gear 2g Z=26
    1- 54833215000 Sliding Gear 5g Z= 22
    1- 54833214000 Idler Gear 4g Z=23
    1- 54833213000 Idler Gear 3g Z=25
    1- 54833216000 Sliding Gear 6g Z= 20
    1- 54833211000 Idler Gear 1g Z=32
    2- 0405222611 Needle Bear 22x26x10 divided
    1- 54833080000 Stop Disc 20.2x30x1
    1- 0405202612 Needle Bearing 20x26x12
    1- 54834201000 Shift Fork 5/6g
    1- 54834202000 Shift Fork 2/4g
    1- 54834203000 Shift Fork 1/3g
    1- 54834212000 Shifting Drum
    2- 0405222613 Needle Bear 22x26x13TN
    1- 54633015000 Stop Disc 20.2x33x1.5
    1- 0405242812 Needle Bear 24x28x11.9
    1- 56033030000 Stop Disc 17.2x30x1
    3- 0402061480 Needle Roller 6x14.8

    I've quadruple checked the list, but even so I hope I haven't made a mistake. Let me know if you go ahead with it.



    This is what whoobz forwarded to me, my 300sx was very similar just missing the six speed. great bikes

    the only thing I would in include and I wish now I put on my 300 is a rekluse core exp

    good luck

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      Bit late to this,
      I priced up a 6 speed conversion for my 09 300EXC while i had it split a while back, thru Boltons i think. Came to about 3.5K. Didn't go thru with it
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        Yeah ive decoded 14/48 will do the trick ok for what i need still has heaps of power and sosent rev its brain out at 80kmh

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          Wow $3.5K - Wow no


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