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    I have a oem fan kit to fit to a 2018 ktm 250 exc, it is a carby model so the fan kit has a temp probe which goes into the radiator fins.
    I have a TSP head fitted which has the plug for the TPI temp sendor.To me it would make more sense to utilise this instead of the probe, anyone done this or have any recommend parts to use?
    I haven't spoken to TSP yet but may give them a call as I would this gas been done in the past.

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    Is that the same OEM as this KTM 2020 Radiator Fan EXC-F 20, EXC/XC-W 20 - Radiator Fanss | Peter Stevens Motorcycles - Peter Stevens Motorcycles?

    I recently purchased a 20' 350EXC with just 40 minutes on it. The bike came fitted with this unit but after about 10 minutes of riding I looked down and it was hanging from a cable. Turns out the bloke had put the screws in the wrong way so it just rattled loose as soon as I hit some rough stuff. I removed it on the weekend and refitted it properly, however, the fan isn't coming on, even at about 85C.

    It doesn't seem to have a temperature probe? Anyone have the installation instructions for this unit?


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      Hi Garbo, Yes that is the same kit. They receive a signal from the temp sendor in they cylinder head, all you would require is to install the supplied relay with the OEM kit and plug the harness in (under the seat) From memory the fan wont come on until about 90 degrees


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