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Clutch slave/rekluse

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  • Clutch slave/rekluse

    Just after some Jedi knowledge in regards to clutch slave cylinders.

    Turns out the parts for the CX Rekluses are basically the same between the 350 and 300's. The differences are clutch covers and the adjustable slave cylinder which state;
    350 exf 742-028E ADJUSTABLE SLAVE CYLINDER ASSEMBLY - Housing-122, Piston-318, Brake Fluid
    300 exc 742-026E ADJUSTABLE SLAVE CYLINDER ASSEMBLY - Housing-122, Piston-330, Brake Fluid
    Couldn't imagine this being to big of a deal. The parts fiche for KTM is the same part number for slave assembly so guessing its just the difference in piston throw or size?

    Links below to Rekluse parts fiche.


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    Not many Jedi around at the moment.
    Do you have a question or something else?
    Just buy what is correct for your model bike?. Is yours not in stock or expensive?


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      Question was, what is the differance in the slave cylinders. I fitter everything up and made a 2mm spacer for the oem clutch cover and everything works as it should funnily enough.

      The cx rekluse kits are 1900 so worth effort


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