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21 250i to 22 250 exc f

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  • 21 250i to 22 250 exc f

    First time in 20 years my bike broke down in the bush and could not do the ride a 21 husky 250i, never been real happy with this bike compared to 2014 TE 250 so that was the final straw and got me a 22 250 exc f 4 stroke on run out at 13490 on road.

    coming from a full blooded TSP power 250 2 stroke to the 4 stroke was different
    overall on nearly all counts the 2 stroke is lighter more powerful but am surprised how good the 4 stroke is.

    power is what I wanted and that's a bike I can thrash and rev it out and have better control at 9/10's
    even tho the ktm is 3 kgs lighter its weight is higher so in the tight stuff it does feel a little heavier and holds up more in turns, it still feels light and nimble just not like a 2 stroke buy a hair.

    my husky POS is at the dealers because i can not get it running right, fuel pump is good swapped the CCPS sensors and it still has a massive bog that stops the bike in its tracks.
    the rear linkage is not as good as my 14 was with a much more MX style ramp up and terrible rebound control.

    about the only good thing is I will still get at least 12k for it once fixed as these bikes are now 16k.

    was really surprised how good the 250 F gearing is its got closer ratios than the 350 which make it feel torquey but same ratio in 6th so it feels like a true overdrive gear for transport.

    its great people think 250f are underpowered i got it so cheap were the 350 was 2k more.

    Even tho the 2 stroke counter balanced motors are smooth vibe wise the 4 stroke is better again and i like the way the power builds and holding revs up has much better control together with the extra 4000rpm feels great.
    Sure it does not have the instant snap and slide out power of the 2 stroke but that's the price you pay but at normal trail pace its got plenty due the excellent gearbox ratios well suited to the motor.

    Been on a 2 stroke since 2011 and overall i would say unless you use all the 2 stroke power the 250f are pretty good with enough power but the best handling of the 4 stroke range real close to the 2 banger.
    Total Entertainment 14 250, STIC powered, KYB suspended.
    Huskly lovin bike whore

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    Sorry to hear this mate, but glad you're enjoying the new bike.

    TPI is this like the woman whose ex came out of the closet... so bad it converted you to a 250F


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      spot on 380, sometimes shit just happens in life
      Total Entertainment 14 250, STIC powered, KYB suspended.
      Huskly lovin bike whore


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        the 250 4 stroke just gets better as I tweaking the stock set up installed the aggressive throttle cam and 13/52 rather than the 14/52 that came stock with, it really gave the bike a nice boost to break traction easier in the low rev range and it will do 95kph on transport sections all day, tops out at 130kph.

        The 250 is very close /nearly the same as my 2 stroke when it gets low on fuel between the trees starting to get more in tune with the bike, its got plenty of power with pulls long gears compared to my 2 stroke and when u rev it out it really has some power.

        So glad it did not got 350 as when you really on it the 250 has enough for sure and normal trail riding its so smooth with none of the pushing into turns you get with the 450 and over class of 4 strokes.

        I like my flowing ST 30 to 70kph its were I ride the most.

        There a few things I do not like compared to the 2 stroke and its louder exhaust and engine sound, the 2 stroke tip in feel is better not much but its there and i have always liked the lighter front feel of 2 stroke. You hear a lot about the 4 strokes "feel more planted" well that code for heavier feeling in the front.

        Surprisingly the 4 stroke is not much if at all better on fuel I guess that's because over all it is revving higher and it gearing is higher "less top speed" than the 2 stroke, I am sure both on the gas flat out the 4 stroke wins. I did 141 ks on mixed trails with some flat out racing loops and used about 7.5 liters

        If you like to torque all day and break traction low in the revs the 250 would not be the best choice but if weight and handling is more important its got enough power and it the best handling out of the exc f range

        Total Entertainment 14 250, STIC powered, KYB suspended.
        Huskly lovin bike whore


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