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  • Kickstart gusto

    Hi there - My CT110 is a gem and a goer but she's trying me in one minor way.

    It's a damn effort to start when the engine is warm. It starts 1st or 2nd kick when the engine is cold but I have to kick it over 10-15 times before she starts when the engine is warmer. However it starts first time when my man tries it - he has MUCH more power in his kick.

    I installed a brand new spark plug a few days ago and nothing's changed.

    Is this quirk of the postie, or could it be something else?

    I'd appreciate any comments because it's bloody exhausting

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    try hold the throttle open a bit when you kick it
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      Wind the engine over to close to TDC compression before trying to start it. If you lightly push the kick starter without actually trying to start it, you will feel the point of resistance rising to the top of the lever's stroke. That's when you give it a good kick.

      If the bike has sat for more than half an hour or so, it could be too cold, and you need the choke. Most bikes that are 'correctly' tuned are like this. By that I mean some people tune their bikes so rich you don't even need the choke when it's cold.
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        What Dvorak said plus check the valve clearances.
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          The valve clearance may need checking. (Arrgh, Tmac beat me to it)
          May be a dodgy needle & seat in the carb flooding a bit.
          Could be a number of things, just check the basics first.
          Mine is stock standard and tuned well.
          It is very easy to start hot, hardly have to touch the kicker and she fires up.


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            You're excellent - i'll give them all a try

            Thank you!


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