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  • Need help with carby

    My postie has been sitting for a while so I decided to freshen it up with a carby rebuild kit (it had been dripping out the bottom of the vent tubes). I managed to get everything back together but fuel is now pouring out of the carby overflow lines. I have taken the carby apart numerous times now trying to work out what is going wrong but no luck yet.

    I checked the float valve, which doesn't seem to have much travel in its movement, so it doesn't seem that the float is able to depress the valve very much. I have checked if there is an alternate configuration for the float and the valve (in case I had installed something back to front) but they only seem to fit one way.

    Any clues as to what is wrong?

    There is also a screw in the bottom of the float bowl (on the exhaust pipe side of the motor) that is shown on a parts diagram, but I can't find any reference to what it is or what it does. When I rebuilt the carby I screwed it all the way in - should it be screwed back out partially?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Any clues as to what is wrong?
    ... Thanks for any suggestions!
    I have no 'clues' ... What I'd do:

    I'd yank the Carb' out... It's 'easy' on/your Postie?
    I'd set/it level in/my vice + feed it/fuel from above.
    I'd/then fiddle with/it 'til it's sorted: Then/it back/in.
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