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  • ATV Tow behind implements

    Since our recent move onto a bit of acreage, I've been using our ATV more and more for general jobs around the place. I recently purchased a tow behind spray and instead of mowing everything it will get a good dose of round up.

    Last week I was in Colac and the bike shop there had a tow behind slasher and fertilizer spreader, which I thought was pretty sweet, so I've been googling what other stuff is available.

    There are sites from the US that have grader blades for both front & tow behind, tillers, rakes etc.

    Anyone know if this kind of stuff is available in OZ? If so where?

    I'd be keen on a tow behind blade and maybe a tiller of sorts. For our property it would be far more economical than getting a tractor.

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    They would be great for mowing/slashing uneven ground.
    Our zero turn struggles on some of our stuff and I don't enjoy using the tractor and slasher as it is uneven.

    I think if your using a blade and tiller lack of weight might be an issue, that's what I'm finding with a adapted plough thingy.

    But give it a go, most ag places should be able to get what you need?


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      Pretty much all the Polaris accessories of that variety are available here in OZ.

      KTM 525 XC Quad
      Aprilia SXV 550 Motard
      Kawasaki KX450F


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        give me 2 weeks and id have em for you (just sold a 200ltre tow behind sprayer ), your just a tad to far away....if i were you id look here freight on heavy gear like your looking for will kill any savings you think you might above post says you can get the gear here ..... depending on how much acreage your on? , id buy a tractor


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          Might not help but I just bought a tow behind lawn corer for my ride on mower. Its a John Dere, took a week to come up from melbourne. They have some pretty cool stuff.


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            tow behind slasher review

            anyone running one?

            Aussie built Tow'n'Mow?

            "Paddock" tow behind flail mower?

            Looking for something to tow behind a quad or 4WD paddock basher instead of a PTO or hydraulic tractor based slasher

            Terrain is sloping, has some scattered rocks, plenty of lantana and weed regrowth, not looking for a bowling green finish..


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              Tow Behind Equipment

              Pricey but I may just grab a 6 in 1 at some point now that the back paddock is not a track anymore with the boy off to Uni in Melb.



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