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2010 & 2012 TM Racing 250 - 300 Clutch Specs

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  • Pete40
    I can ask someone for you who has a 2012 250. He is someone who can make his own clutch basket and would measure things correctly.

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  • Tds2277
    started a topic 2010 & 2012 TM Racing 250 - 300 Clutch Specs

    2010 & 2012 TM Racing 250 - 300 Clutch Specs

    Hello everyone, I am a new subscriber to this forum, I have a passion for TM Racing Motorcycles, especially the 2T, I reside in The Town of Maricopa AZ USA.

    I have a question I hope someone can answer for me, or give me some direction? I have 2 TM bikes 2010 250 E & 2012 TM 300 MX

    I cannot find the specs in either of the owners manual's, to tell me clutch plate specs, I have a bit of a clutch drag on both bikes, both were purchased used, I have flushed the hydraulic line, checked the clutch slave cylinder and piston, also checked the plates, my plates are 1mm & fibers are 3.0 mm I have cleaned them up, changed the oil, even used light sandpaper on the plates in a figure 8 pattern, I have no wear on the hub or the Basket! I do have 9 fibers 8 plates there are 2 plates that are ever so slightly warped, cannot slide a piece of paper under the plate while it is on glass, so it is very minimal, and I doubt that could be causing this much of a problem?, I could be wrong? However that being said when I pull in the clutch go to shift into gear, it lunges forward, or dies immediately, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me the specs, so I can either double check mine or order new ones? I know many of the frame parts for these bikes are based on Honda, meaning Steering Stem Bearings, Wheel bearings ect, is there a cross reference on the clutch plates, I have found that the EBC CKF1247 Clutch pak is a cross reference, however it has 8 plates and 8 fibers? so there must be something or some way to cross reference the clutch plates when buying new? In order to get all 17 plates / fibers?

    I have not taken the 300 apart yet, as the 250 is far worse, so once I get that bike straightened out, then I will open the 300, the engines for 2010 250 & 2012 300 are the same. trendbet giriş
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