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2003 WR450f full engine rebuild

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  • 2003 WR450f full engine rebuild

    Hi everyone.

    I am currently rebuilding my 2003 WR450f after discovering a concerning metallic knocking noise.

    Upon pulling the motor down, we discovered that the counter shaft in front of the crank was grinding (bearing collapse) and the crank (big end) bearings are stiff - likely as a result.

    My question is: Will a readily available 2004 WR450 rebuiild kit work with the 2003 engine?

    From what i've read, there are slight differences on the crank and where it engages in the case - which has to do with the starter mechanism - and possibly the upgraded starter gear which stopped the woodruff key from shearing off.

    I had already fitted the later '04/'05 starter gear with the bigger cover, but would like to speak to someone who may have actually been through a similar rebuild themselves and could offer some advise. $1600.00 is a lot to spend on a rebuild kit that won't neccessarily work.

    2003 kits aren't available. In fact, my local workshop doesn't even have a listing for this model.

    Thank you.

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