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Strumm's mucky rides 2013

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  • Very sad to hear of this,let's hope you get back to full fitness very soon,I'm glad you had some good people there on the day to help,hope to see ya back out there


    • I noticed your absence from the forum I thought you must have been on holidays. Really sorry to hear about your accident, take your time recovering we have only got one brain. If you need a dose of salt air anytime your more than welcome to put your feet up here. All the best


      • Scary stuff guys. Must have been very scary for both of you. Yep, hits home how important it is to ride with other people?
        Hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

        Look after yourself Strummer.

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        • I'm kinda shocked.

          Great to hear you're ok Strummer, and Sandy for that matter! Would be a stressful time.

          I've always enjoyed your rides and company, and i'm sure everyone else has that's had the opportunity to participate.

          Get well soon mate. Hopefully see you both again some day soon.
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          • definitely been some nerve wracking stuff lately but great to see strummer is back home after some time in hospital after a serious concussion. he'll go to scary lengths just to get a helicopter ride.

            what happened:
            strummer's bike got caught up in a vine and he was thrown to the ground. no injury other than a very severe concussion. unconscious for around four minutes, then in post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) for about three days i think.... PTA is a kind of groggy state with minimal response to anything. into nambour hospital, doctors very worried by continuing PTA so he was put in ICU. they got more worried so had him airlifted to brisbane.

            was moved to a neuro ward once he emerged from PTA and could talk and recognise people. discharged the following sat, so about six days in medical care. recovery very hard to predict with sort of thing, and is just a waiting game. hoping for a full recovery slowly occurring over the next six weeks or so...

            massive thanks to those involved
            i must say if you want to have a serious stack this was a top bunch of people to have around. great first aid, getting the ambulance there fast, bikes collected, chatting to the attending cop to guarantee there would be no fines, stuff organised for jo to take to hospital, fixing strummer's bike up again, cleaning them up so the guys had one less thing to think about later, trailering the bikes and storing them, going back again when we found at strummer had hidden his guitar under the bed, offers of ongoing help, the concern everyone has shown. it's awesome to be part of such a great group of riders. :grinning-


            • Whoa that's disturbing to hear! I hope you're okay dude, and I hope to ride again with you in the near future. You are one of the most genuine and chilled out blokes I've met.

              If I can be of help in any way please let me know.


              • Hey Strummer I am very sorry to hear about your injury, it sounds a little scary. I will join my best wishes to the many others who have riden with you and encourage you to recover well and come back when you are ready. Well done to the your fellow riders and the emergency crews. Many of us will be thinking of you and Sandy during your recovery and looking forward to your company again on a ride before too long.
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                • Welcome back Strummer

                  You had us worried there for a while mate.

                  And I wouldn't be too thankful for the assistance - when I got there they had your pants off ... for a head knock?
                  I think Steve might have been tampering with your junk
                  More is more. Tubes are fine


                  • Intial thoughts confirmed, your head is definitely full of concrete, ^lol

                    Ps: No Katos were harmed during any rumoured repair works......

                    And Judy the attending ambo agrees you looked dead sexy in your skinns, she was so taken by you she just had to cut them off...Luckily I think one of the girls told her to behave, not sure...^lol

                    Strum,,, welcome back mate.
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                    • Whoa! Sorry to hear about your spill mate!

                      Glad your out of the hospital and on the mend.

                      All the best in your recovery, don't let it stifle your obvious love of riding and being out in the bush...

                      Take it easy, hope to catch up soon
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                      • holy crap, Strummer.
                        I'm glad you're as ok as can be given the circumstances.
                        Rest up mate, and it goes without saying that if there's anything that Bec and I can help with all you have to do is ask (and the same goes to you, Jo ), we are both more than happy to help out


                        • Hey Strummer, glad to hear you are relatively OK. Do you know what parts you need to get your bike back on the road?
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                          • Good to see you're back home! Definitely had us all quite concerned, but rest up and hope to see you back on two wheels soon! Love you both.

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                            • Originally posted by Zimmo View Post
                              Welcome back Strummer
                              You had us worried there for a while mate.
                              And I wouldn't be too thankful for the assistance - when I got there they had your pants off ... for a head knock?
                              I think Steve might have been tampering with your junk
                              it's all on film apparently, working title is "mountain men mountin men" and will be released shortly. i for one won't be looking forward to it. ^rof

                              as everyone knows, strummer has done an incredible amount of work for at least three years now:
                              organising and leading countless rides
                              setting up tuition days
                              lugging around a pile of tools and first aid kit on each ride for others
                              fixing bikes and punctures for others
                              fund raising for our favourite finke participant
                              providing ride reports
                              endless ride videos for everyone to enjoy
                              and god knows what else.

                              thanks to all who since it happened have been offering any help in any form. especially ryan who is cooking up some food to take over and take a bit of the stress away for jo. :grinning-

                              which is something i should be doing, i remember when i got out of hospital the first night jo and strummer brought me over a pile of pre-cooked dinners and culinary delights to tide me over. such thoughtfulness....


                              • Unfortunately part of the game.

                                Sounds like you were in good hands Strummer all the best with recovery.


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