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Ride Grading System - Please Use

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  • Ride Grading System - Please Use

    1) LEARNING - Basically just getting the hang of the bike and not ready to challenge the terain. Mastering the Clutch, gears, braking is what it's all about and flat ground does nicely.

    2) WHERE TO NOW ? - We know how the bike works thanks! We want to ride some tracks and get the hang of a how to ride up a hill and through ruts and rocks and varied terrain.

    3) CONFIDENT - I've seen most of the types of obstacles riding has to offer and a good idea of how to handle them, the odd push and helping hand wouldn't hurt. No crazy hills yet though!

    4) SEASONED RIDER - You've been around a while havent you!. Been on alot of group rides, bit of time up the front. Even have a crack or two at those killer hills when you feel frisky. Can handle most things but not always flat out.

    5) CLUBMAN - You won't find a track or hill that's gonna stop me mate. Even better I'm going to hit it with a hand fist full of throttle and not even slow down. I don't even mind riding flat out for a whole ride with only a couple of small breaks.

    6) EXPERT - How many more times are we going to nail this sweet loop today ? I've been in/or going to the ISDE/Finke/A4DE soon, need to test the old endurance.
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    We have enough youth--how about a fountain of SMART?
    2009 250excF - Bring on the single track.
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