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a Friday ride

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  • a Friday ride

    Yo Fella dirt bikers
    anyone up for a ride this weekend Friday or Saturday

    I intend to do a loop from salisbury to two wells, mallala, gawler, williamstown, kersbrook back to golden grove mostlt dirt roads some tar sections
    reply if u r interested

    All the gear no idea:bty &a

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    I should make a bit of a correction not just dirt roads, there are alot of tracks that follow a train line
    about 150k loop fuel stops on the way

    Grade 2 ride

    *A anybody there
    ning ning ning ning ga


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      I would have liked to come, but unable to get down from the riverland till sunday.. <going to the nationals at gillman>.. Have a great ride though, its a nice area...

      Keep us informed if your doing some more, or if you ever head up this way <berri, renmark> Drop a line here, and I will hook up with you.

      07 GSXR 750
      05 YZ 450F
      01 WR 250F


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        HOO YEAH - love to do it sometime fella, probably not this week, the bike needs valves adjusting for 1st service, when I can get flaming organised I'll do it.

        See your E-Mail and keep in touch.

        - Graham
        [U] KLR650 TANK


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          BTW Mr Flash

          looks like WRDave may be interested in showing us around the riverland*A

          He doesn't know what he's in for Get in touch buddy and let's see if we can ride.....any others for the Riverland??? Come on lets dooooooooooo it!

          WRDave, cheers matey for your offer here and other threads. Me and Flashy here will have a yarn and get some poss dates together to see if we can visit if ok with you????? Take it you can recommend places to stay? :bzr :ff
          [U] KLR650 TANK


          • #6
            Depends on what you like to stay in.. .. but yeah I can recommend a few places.

            Damn now I am gonna have finish off the loops I started to work on.

            May 15th is bad (MX club day), June 2-15 is bad...(Alice-Finke).

            Otherwise shouldnt be too hard to find a date .. will have to call some of the other guys in town I know (they read here occasionally) and get their slack asses into gear
            07 GSXR 750
            05 YZ 450F
            01 WR 250F


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              Hey jjflash
              next time you feel like doin the northern loop ill see if i can join ya in gawler area.
              sounds like you know the tracks...........
              keep us posted
              02 KLX 250
              EGO Barkbusters & Fat Bars
              Racetech springs.
              UFO twin halogen
              B&B Bash plate


              • #8
                Yeh no probs I am thinking of doing the loop next weekend
                &a I will keep you posted, if it is going to happen &a


                • #9
                  Thanks for the offer WRdave, when up that way will hook up
                  I can not really do overnighters at the moment, but will come up for the day.

                  I only have about 100k range so I hope there b fuel stops cos carrying fuel is a bitch

                  Will talk to u guys again sortly

                  Hey Crazy Gray Amtra are going on a ride around second valley and the forest this weekend, a pretty casual ride
                  I am not going can not be bothered drivin that far this weekend
                  I might go on the next amtra ride tho

                  Talk to u guys soon :-)
                  &yx :moon:


                  • #10
                    Sweet everyone, look forward to meeting you on the next ride whenever that is.*A
                    [U] KLR650 TANK


                    • #11
                      I only got an 8ltr tank, so I dont get too far either.. my loops are planned accordingly.
                      07 GSXR 750
                      05 YZ 450F
                      01 WR 250F


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