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Keen for a ride near Melbourne, no idea where trails are (Kinglake?)

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  • Keen for a ride near Melbourne, no idea where trails are (Kinglake?)

    Hi all, just bought myself a bike as I felt like getting back into riding (have stuck to mountain bikes since breaking my leg in 2012, getting bored of that now).

    Gonna be in Melbourne til mid-January, just wondering if anyone would be able to show me around a couple trails sometime? I remember hearing about Kinglake rides often, back when I browsed this website religiously. Figured I'd head up that way, find a fire trail and just go exploring, but thought I might see if anyone would be so kind as to show me some easy single trails?

    (Hopefully people still use this website, noticed theres a DBW group on Facebook, but I don't use that)
    '94 RM 250

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    Well, went for a ride at Flowerdale Plantation - a few of the spots I'd looked at on Google maps had ****ing gates at the highway turnoff, ended up finding this. Bit boring there, but at least I'm back on a dirt bike.

    New bike is nice, much better than my old RM250


    Still keen to get onto some of Victoria's single trail while I'm still in the state, if anyone's able to help..
    '94 RM 250


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