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Thank you to the Cotter trail fairies.

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  • Thank you to the Cotter trail fairies.

    Yesterday, we discovered the new bit that runs in and out of the creek/ravine. Harder than most of the stuff out there, but not killer.

    Was a brilliant end to a good ride. My thanks (and congratulations) to whoever put it in.

    (Also thought that this whole sub-forum needs to show some signs of life)...
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    My God, I drop in here (& ACT Rides) every few weeks at max not expecting to see a post newer than about 2018.

    Without getting too specific I'm thinking about the 3 or 4 loops I know between the main road & Paddy's River, been in there a bit the last few weeks/months, same general vicinity?
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      Not where I would describe as Paddys River. More towards Mt Sugarloaf.
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        Heading out that way on the 350 tomorrow if there weather holds so will keep an eye out.


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          Discovered a bunch more stuff today - a lot of it is not new but is lightly used. Anyone who says there's not enough stuff out there hasn't looked hard enough.

          Even re-discovered a solid hill alongside a fence, that beat me in the wet a few years ago. In the dry today it was still reasonably entertaining.
          And another hill that goes straight up ... to nowhere!^lol
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            Did a few DSMRA Canberra to Tumut rides between 2011 and 2018 which were organised between the Canberra and Griffith DSMRA groups. I think some of the Canberra guys have a bit to do with cutting in new tracks and they know the area like the back of their hand. There was always some new single every year and they were great rides.
            The DSMRA runs the annual Kowen Forest ride too which has been postponed from April (because of Covid) to October this year.
            Terrific people and they organise rides for all levels should anyone wish to explore west of the Cotter area.


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              Lots of people out at the Cotter yesterday which was great to see. Less morons hanging around the carparks with unmuffled YZFs than usual too!

              But... heads up that the extra people in the bush has seen the return of some dickheads too. Of note were the three blokes on registered dirt bikes doing a million miles an hour on the dirt roads. The whole vibe was ‘novice’ so I won’t rag on them too hard - but heads up to double check before crossing the dirt roads.

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