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Uriarra & (some of) Brindabella Forests, ACT/NSW - Single Trails

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  • Uriarra & (some of) Brindabella Forests, ACT/NSW - Single Trails

    Hi, it looks like at least some people got some use out of my Cotter map, so here's my similar map for Uriarra Forest, along with the parts of the Brindies that I've ridden so far (but there are no legal single trails there):

    Uriarra & Brindabella Forests - Single Trails

    There's not nearly as many singles as there are in the Cotter, but there's also some fun fire trails, and some pretty challenging ones in the northern end of Uriarra (around the border)

    I haven't finished this yet, and I probably won't get out there again now until next spring. Hopefully it'll be useful anyway, and when I update it the above link will show the changes. Happy for anyone to tell me where the remaining purple question marks lead to, otherwise I'll fill them in as I get to them
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