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Nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges

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  • Nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges

    Whats peoples thoughts on the idea of having a nuclear waste dump in S.A?

    I can't believe it is even being considered its mental
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    Isn't S.A. already a dump?


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      Sorry, somebody had to say it. It may as well have been me, a proud South Australian born in the beautiful suburb of Elizabeth.

      You would think that with such a large country that they could have found a more remote spot but I guess then the issue is getting the stuff there. So I guess it comes down to dollars and cents in the long run.


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        Considering l believe nuclear is the only option this planet has in the future I'd be a hypercrit to expect other countries to take our waste .
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          Build some big arse concrete/steel bunkers out in the desert n put it there. Could charge a fortune to take others waste.

          Personally don't like the idea but IMHO unless solar/wind/tidal power comes along in leaps n bounds then post above is right
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            Woomera had as many nuclear bombs set off as anywhere, a properly built storage facility there would be near on the safest place in the world.
            Geologically stable, not frozen or flooded and well clear of anyone.

            Waste is being produced and stored wordwide. why not put it here .


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              Why it is not good to store waste anywhere and ideally not produce it in the first place is because it is unmanageable at this point in time! No one knows what to do with it long term. It is highly radioactive/poisonous and any methodsright now to seal and store it are stabs into the dark.
              They have been trying to find save solutions in Europe for decades now and what was once thought safe ,concrete filed metal drums, now proves to be inadequate, with leaks being detected and so forth.
              My two cents

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                Correct me if I'm wrong,but the intended waste is radioactive medical waste, correct?

                I work with a bloke who lives in Hawker and he is not opposed to it , according to him is is low level waste.


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                  nope high level waste, spent fuel rods the works, its a international dump, they believe its worth over 200 billion to SA over 120 years, so stupid so after 120 years its going to cost image the government saving the funds say 500 years down the track, disaster IMO
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                    Ah, I see.
                    That is not what I heard, very serious stuff
                    It is a shame that SA is in such a position that it is entertaining ideas like this.

                    Surely if a country decides to go down the path of nuclear energy then they have to deal with their own waste.


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                      they don't show it on TV but England and France have the only enrichment plants, they basically recycle spent fuel rods o be used again, in all of Europe. All these facilities are already many times over capacity, they now take only waste produced in England and France respectively, and the stuff that comes back from a second burn in a nuclear can not be treated any further at this stage.

                      They only now want to come to Australia because the rest of the 'civilized world' is already full.
                      And they don't want to store in Asia or the middle East or any other unstable region for obvious reasons.

                      It's a time bomb ticking really.
                      There is a reason why Germany decided to close down all it's nuclear reactors as the become to be to old to run instead of refurbishment.


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                        Lucas Heights is building a Synroc plant to safely store radioactive medical waste. The father in law was involved in the invention of this stuff, and the processes to make it. We have some in the house.

                        It's a ceramic that can be safely stored, doesn't leak and doesn't leech into the watertable.

                        Point is, solutions exist for at least some of this stuff. Synroc is useful for liquid waste primarily, but adaptations are possible I'm told.
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                          Not such an issue here bein a big arse island but in Europe for example if old mate next door(say France) is doin the dodge n dumpin oil behind the shed(ie nuclear waste down an old mineshaft/buryin it/droppin at sea) then poor old mrs jones(Germany) petunias which are in the garden bed against the fence will die from transoil expert soil contamination(ground water/ocean/airborne).

                          Old mrs jones will be pissed n start throwing stale scones(nukes) at old mate. Then all the other neighbours get involved & before long there's scone warfare.

                          Were all losers from scone warfare.
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