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Grampians Strategic Bushfire Management - Enfield, Lal Lal, Wombat, Mt Cole etc

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  • Grampians Strategic Bushfire Management - Enfield, Lal Lal, Wombat, Mt Cole etc

    Hi, Riders,

    If you ride in, live near or have an interest in providing input to the preparation of the Grampians Strategic Bushfire Management Plan this quick survey (see link below) will provide your perspective directly to the people who prepare the plan.

    The planners are keen to incorporate the views of a wider range of interested people who may not have been consulted previously and have specifically asked for trail bike rider input.

    Here's the link to the survey:

    Kind regards,

    Roger Pitt
    Trail Bike Initiative Manager
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria

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    Hi Roger,

    Have you seen the latest VEAC report?

    One of the guys on Bush Users Group went through each submission and categorised them into either "For" or "Against" VEAC's proposal.

    He found that around 2/3rds were Against and 1/3rd For but VEACs revised report hardly changed at all.

    This is just another Greeny led UN pandering load of bollocks designed to lock everyone out of everywhere so we all sit at home doing nothing with our lives except pay taxes.
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      Hi, Pygmygod,

      The final VEAC report arrived on my desk today.

      I'll start a thread for this on Friday with a link to the full report for the avid readers and a summary for everyone else.

      But the quick takeaway is that the final report recommends trail bike riding remain one of the six (out of 14) forest activities to continue to be allowable across all six categories of public land, including National/State park.

      Other activities (such as horse riding) are recommended to be restricted from some land categories or to have new conditions imposed.

      Roger Pitt
      Trail Bike initiative Manager
      Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


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        Yea I wasn't really concerned too much with dirtbikes/4WD as their reports were saying they will 'stay the same,' it was more the blatant greeny infestation wanting to ban everything.

        The rest of the report basically means:
        No more camping at a lot of areas.
        No more taking your dog with you as a lot of places will be reclassified with additional rules.
        No more hunting, as above.
        No prospecting for the fossickers among us.

        Even with 'no ban' on dirtbikes/4WD it will still mean they will gate off a lot of areas and put up the all-too-common "Management & Bushwalkers Only" really it will still mean no dirtbikes/4wd but by stealth.

        I filled out the VEAC response.
        Also filled out the stage 1 (I think) fire management section that includes Wombat area, they had several different areas to fill in.
        2007 GasGas EC200
        2005 WR250F


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