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Cush drive or not?

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  • Cush drive or not?

    G'day guys, please excuse me if this info is already available.
    I've recently gotten off road bikes and onto the dirt. No road bike in the garage but a very real addiction to eastern creek track days means I'm looking into the basic motard conversion kits.

    I've found a few options but keep getting conflicting info about Cush hub vs no Cush.... Anyone care to weigh in on the pros and cons please?

    I guess I need to keep in mind I'm not looking at doing weekend cruising on it, purely 4 or 5 track days a year and the rest of the the time it'll be strictly off road shenanigans.

    If it makes any difference, I'm riding a KTM 450exc.

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    Im no expert but if you can get a cush drive then i would. I have a set of Talon/SM pro motard rims with a cush drive and as far as I'm concerned if it can take some shock load off of the gear box it can only be a good thing.

    It does add weight an i have heard people complain it has a faint doughy feeling but i rekon thats a wank. But again im just a trail rider with a set of motards so i may be wrong about all of the above.


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      Unless you are very hard on the gearbox the need for cush drive isn't 100% necessary considering you are only going to do a few hours riding per year on tar that would even lessen the necessity.
      I had a motard for two years no cush hub and regular track days and used as a city commuter/mono machine, I had no gearbox issues ever.

      I had a mate that used to change gears without the use of the clutch and regularly broke gears. He was quicker than me though.
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        You could try this solution.

        No experience with them. Earlier posts are around on them.

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          depends on how you ride, ive done a fair few road hrs without a Cush drive, but i wasn't dumping the clutch and wheeling up the raod
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            I've been tossing this up also. Want to get my 2012 wr450f on the road every now and then for a blat and am not sure if I should get a cush or not. Is there anything else you need for a motard conversion?
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              I reckon they're worth it, anything that prevents you splitting cases to fix a gearbox is a good thing...


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                Thanks for that guys.

                What else's is needed? As a bare minimum aside from the wheels...
                A brake relocation bracket as the front rotor will be bigger and chain+sprockets if you want to adjust the gearing for the road.


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                  Do you wreck gearboxes riding along the road? Has anyone wrecked a gearbox riding a e.g. 450/500 a lot on bitumen?

                  Is there anyone on here who's had mechanical problems and the mechanic has said, "This is a direct result of your riding 2000 out of the last 3000kms (1000/10,000 ; 10,000 / 20,000 ; 200/500kms) on the bitumen on this bike built since 1997."

                  Is this cush hub thing a big wank that has come into being just because blokes with too much money are looking for things to spend on their bike?

                  Is it an internet driven phenomenum?

                  Or are new bikes so light and powerful and designed for dirt only and need some cush help when used out of their riding design parameters by blokes commuting toward the dirt (or just commuting).

                  I'd really like some facts from experts before spending nearly $1000 on a cush hub.

                  (e.g. Bar risers were all the rage. Now it appears they were a wank for softcocks (generally) too).

                  btw, I'm genuinely curious, because my future on my FE450 will include a lot of bitumen transports.....

                  PS. Neighbour said ADventure rider magazine guy broke his 690 before some around Oz trip, and did it on a FE570 instead. (Did he need or have a cush hub anyone?)
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                    Most dual sport/adventure bikes come with cush hubs stock, bikes designed to ride on road and dirt to protect the gearbox when on the road. Eg DR650, KLR650, KLE500, Yamaha Tenere, TE610, KTM 690 etc etc all have cush hubs from the manufacturer stock, they know a thing or 2 apparently. Some of them have a type of cush built into the gearbox instead. So read into that what you will, to call it a wank is going out on a limb.

                    I dual sport my WR450F, I have a cush hub fitted, you could instantly feel how it takes the harshness out of the box on the road, especially on downshifting, but also under acceleration.

                    Oh and I love my bar risers and steering damper too.
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                      Well i have a cush drive and would get another if need be. Do you have to have it - No. But i believe it helps so i'll continue to use it nothing like a good wank!

                      Now back to your actual question.
                      You will need a bigger brake calliper bracket if you use a bigger front disk i use 270mm dirt and road so its quick an easy to change works well for both if you were doing motard racing you may want bigger again but im not sure.

                      Youll probably wont different gearing for your motard as the overall wheel diameter is smaller so youll want a smaller rear sproket front you may be able to keep if you it works for you'll also want a second chain so that you dont have to shorten your dirt one. And it makes for an easy changeover.

                      Some people use the shorter front guard but its up to you not sure if theres any benefit i dont use my motard kit often so never bothered.


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                        Originally posted by BygDaddee View Post
                        .................I have a cush hub fitted, you could instantly feel how it takes the harshness out of the box on the road, especially on downshifting, but also under acceleration................
                        Thats the kind of information I can rate.
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                        FE501. My take on an Adv bike.
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                          It is a lot of cash, but I would do it again for sure. The other thing I found on ride is sometimes the cush lets you carry a higher gear through a corner when on road, without the cush you feel the labouring a lot harsher and forces you to change down, but with the cush a lot of the time it cushions it and feels fine. It certainly makes the WR feel more like a dual sport on slab.

                          I did a 250 odd Km loop on it out your way the last 2 weekends.

                          Originally posted by Blakduk View Post
                          Thats the kind of information I can rate.
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                            Since you want to do track days maybe you should spend the extra money on a slipper clutch. That will remove what I think is the major shock loading on the gearbox i.e. banging it down a few gears as you come into a tight corner.

                            There is obviously a lot more load on the box under acceleration with the lack of wheelspin but it is still smooth so I think a cush hub will make sfa difference when you roll on the throttle.
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                              Awesome info, exactly what I was after.


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