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    Originally posted by michaeld View Post
    I think you'll find that more people are riding every where not just the watties and there was a group from here riding in the rain on friday
    glad you mentioned that Michael, was going to comment on the fact that they rode in the slop, in there ride report but after the flaming I got last time decided its not worth the trouble, but I know who will be crying the loudest when they have NO where to ride, like I've said before some ppl just don't get it
    The only true wilderness is between a greenies ears

    I might ride like crap, but I'm hav'n fun, I think
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      Originally posted by muffBERGer View Post

      before the WTBB
      the watties weren't rode as often as now
      we use to ride there and it was great riding
      know i look out my window and can see them and wouldn't go within a mile of the place

      you carnt tell me that if the WTTB never happen the tracks would be that bad
      i can remember one year it pissed down and they still went ahead
      were most ppl wouldn't go riding
      "so lets send 600 odd riders up this track twice
      and fuck off and not rejuvenate the tracks which we were suppose to do"

      same as the place up at Bulahdelah he used

      absolutely trashed the place

      because of greed and not wanting to can it
      That's my biggest grip muffy. I have never seen ANY evidence of track repairs after their events. I can recall emailing rod after the first bash volunteering for his trail rehabilitation group....never received a response on this one.

      ....funnily enough the first time I met him was after he and a mate came storming up a hill through virgin bush (no tracks). Pretty piss poor effort after all those $$$ ...600 riders average of $100 an entry ...pretty big $$$$...surely 2-3k could be spent on some trail maintenance..


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        Track use

        Originally posted by michaeld View Post
        what if the 600 riders went all over the Watties? they would still want to ride some where at least some of the tracks can be fixed if they all follow the same ride
        We have 300 + riders use the tracks around abbeyard every year. Looks a but rough on day two but two weeks later you would not know we were ever there.

        Unlike the 4wd's we don't winch off the trees on the side of the track either !!


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