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The Great Oil Debate

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    Oil hoo haa

    My poor old 2006 yz450 gets flogged around the flat track exclusively these days, however in it's past has been trail ridden, mx practice, marking out enduro's, all rounder etc etc.

    God knows how many hours are on it. Never had an hour meter. Actually it did have one for a while, but it sh1t itself.

    Delo400, change the filter every 5 oil changes. Change oil really regularly maximum 5 hours riding. All good.


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      I run Delo400 in almost everything, mower, excavator, truck, tractors, cruisers and even the 2t trannys for a while.
      ATF is better in the 2t's though, shifts better, clutch disengages better and it actually holds up better under heavy clutch abuse than the Delo.
      Sometimes shifting would get real notchy after only 3 or 4 hrs with Delo, the ATF has never done this, even when I didn't change it for close to 10 hrs.


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        ATF for the win in the gearbox here as well.
        1998 KDX200 sold


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          Originally posted by OMC View Post
          Some will say use full synthetic oil only
          Others will say semi synthetic is OK
          Some will say use cheap car oil
          Others will say tractor oil is even better
          Some will say only use JASO rated oils
          Others will say JASO classification is in the same league as Halal
          I have found in diesel 4x4 's listen to the turbo ? this will tell you something about the oil I believe, now just heard a new Nissan screaming turbo whine from right off idle, well it sounded good to hear, but I believe the oil is crap as to why all the noise.
          Driving such things I have heard a sort of rattling noise sort of at times siting on the highway at steady speed with a brand new diesels turbo and a sort of whine at times and when changed to a good oil that noise was totally gone.

          I believe that roller bearings, regardless be it gear box in a truck to big ends in a bike roll about, some roll real fast and some slower and some may not at all with to good a full synthetic oil and that's not good, all bearings you want to move around a bit but not out of control as that flogs them just as bad with not moving at all.

          Seen many a roller rocker buggered with using full synthetic oil. the original Mobil 1, I think that they have it worked out now.

          I would only use full synthetic oils with a Turbo, due to the temp the oil has to endure with the turbo.

          As for a average street driven car that engine will never see such heat to need synthetic oil.


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