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Ktm 450 exc 2017 wont start

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  • Ktm 450 exc 2017 wont start

    Hi guys ive just brought a 450 ktm 17 mdl it was a stolen and recovered bike that wasnt starting once recovered ive got good spark, fuel pressure and flow injectors working cam timings correct do it will not fire every now and then will pop thats it no codes present ive got clearance at valves i will do a leak down tomorrow do they ever shit crank sensors??
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    I'm/we're reading between your lines here; it wasn't your bike coops3214.. until now?
    Regardless & most-thankfully: Thieves have an IQ of 70 on their best day. Idiot fools.

    Having said that; gotta factor-in idiot-tools: God only knows whatever-in being smart.
    It sounds like bodgy to me.. Easily fixed maybe.. Gotta think/like the bodgy.. Maybe?
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      Stator or coil


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        Try the fuel filter in the tank. Stopped my 14 500 twice.
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          Try fresh fuel.
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