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99 yz250 engine rebuild worth it ???

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  • 99 yz250 engine rebuild worth it ???

    Gday guys so I've recently bought a 99 yz 250 for $1800 right, got a ride in then 4th gear has shit the bed. Every thing else is no worries, apparently had a new piston not long ago. I wouldn't mind tidying up the bike but don't want to sink thousand's into a rebuild. So should I get it fixed or just sell at a loss and start again?

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    I'm only recalling other peoples' posts but I thought if the shift fork gear thing has had it, you have to split the cases to replace it.

    As long as a bunch of metal hasn't circulated around the place then it doesn't sound too costly, unless you have to pay someone to do it.

    I'd be getting myself a manual and some time in the shed learning
    If it's currently broken then it's not going to devalue much more by you having a crack at fixing it.
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      there is tons of information out there to google or youtube. Get a manual and follow it easy to do.
      4th is interesting they usually jump out of 5th gear. The 5th gear jumping you need to replace 5th and 3rd pinion and the centre selector fork.

      As Pygmygod said its already broken so what do you have to loose? start soaking the engine mount bolts and the swingarm pivot in penetrating oil and CRC now before you start these are renowned for siezing in if their not maintained.

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