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Another one followed me home!!!

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  • Another one followed me home!!!

    1991 KTM 500GS!!!!! Needs a bit of love, Might have history. Nissan front Caliper, Ohlins shock, Boyseen reed block. big and small tanks and a few other things. Pulled the lid and surprise!!! bit of checking and its a 540!!!!!!!, May need a new lower bearing in the rod, anybody know what size they are? 24mm pin
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    2016 Beta 300 RR, 2013 KTM500 EXC, !
    Plus all this vintage stuff!!!!!!
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    Congrats!!!... I've ridden one of those... It's the only bike that has ever truly intimidated me... Mono's & slides are everywhere & anytime... It's what I would imagine flying a Fighter Jet would be like.
    Edit: I think it was actually the 550gs that my mate had... that I had a ride on... big 2t's can be fine if their trained right... I've had a 430 2t & I loved it... The feral ones can & will bite you... So cruelly.
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