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  • RGV project

    Not a dirtbike, but might be of interest to some
    Have just finished the rebuild on my 1998 RGV250
    pretty happy with how it turned out.
    rides well, good fun for 200km...then a literal PITA
    had a few issues along the way, sometimes sticking it in the corner and resisting the temptation to burn it.
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    Like that. Good job
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    Plus all this vintage stuff!!!!!!
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      Cool, looks sweet.

      They are fun bikes like you say for short blasts.

      I bought an 03 Aprillia RS250 brand new when I finished uni, same motor as the rgv with a few tweaks from Aprilia. Had more moments on that bike than any other, it really needed a steering damper.

      I would love to get another one and have looked around from time to time over the years, RZ 500 would be another one I'd like to get my hands on.


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        The RS250 was what I really wanted, bit of an aprilia fanboy. But this came up at the time and it was ratty but complete and affordable.
        Needed more work than I had planned, but that is often the case with projects


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          They were an excellent, fun and sometimes scary bike in their day
          Time and tide . .


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            I had a really nice '96 model, it's one bike I wish I'd been able to keep.

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